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Best Airbnb’s and VRBO’s in Buena Vista, Colorado

Why stay in a hotel when Colorado is riddled with some of the most scenic and unique abodes to crash in for a few days.  Buena Vista is located in the Arkansas River Valley and is set just east of the towering Collegiate Peaks.  Here are some of the best stays for your future trip to Buena Vista!

**Please take note that Buena Vista is located in Chaffee County for any future COVID updates for 2020-21.  COVID restrictions with AirBNB may be subject to change in your plans due their restrictions on how many people and where you’re traveling from.**

Tiny House

In this day in age, more people are looking towards minimalism and love the idea of simple living.  In most of the Colorado towns, there’s always at least one tiny house that can fit a family of four comfortably.  These tiny homes have been roaming social media; an idea of the young family generation and seems like a dream for most.  Set in quaint spaces in towns across the Colorado Rockies, a tiny home would make your stay near Buena Vista unique and unforgettable.

Features Include: The tiny homes still have all of the fixations as a normal house, but typically less than 600 square feet. Heating/AC is included with Wi-Fi in most of the houses as well.  Most of the time the loft area of the home is where the bed is, and hopefully a pull-out couch to accommodate the kids.

Our Suggestion: Tiny Treat in South Main


When traveling up to the mountains, one cannot simply overlook a new, exciting experience of an unusual housing option compared to the “cookie cutter” aesthetic.  Yurts are always a fun, fresh option for most that can bring an amazing housing option, and could even be considered “glamping” to some.

Colorado Yurt Rental

Features Include: A yurt is typically one level living area with a circular wall and is usually equipped with one bed and a sofa.  Having this wide circular living area can bring in a great communal setting to be with others and enjoy the company with ease of no barriers or walls inside. Having an opening at the top can truly bring out the night sky and show how beautiful the mountain nights can be! Having this accommodation still heated, yurts bring in a fun atmosphere with adventure still close to trails best for hiking, backpacking and mountain biking!

Our Suggestion: Arrowhead Point Campground & Cabins


When traveling to the mountains, who cannot think of a cabin setting with gorgeous views of the scenery with a nice cup of coffee?  Cabins are what travelers love to see and surround themselves with to enjoy the mountain air.  Cabins can be in all various types of features from updated, newly remodeled utilities to old fashioned with rustic wood and history. When looking for cabins, be sure to double check the square footage of the house as older cabins have smaller utilities and not as big as newly remodeled cabins.  Many cabins in Buena Vista are located within a few feet of trails, the wilderness and connection to the mountain air.  Pro tip: try to grab one with a hot tub as well.  This makes for a perfect relaxing evening after a day exploring the mountains.

Features Include: When looking at cabins, always think rustic features with wood, stone and brick.  Old style fireplaces from an iron to make your own fire can bring in a fantastic fun theme to your stay.  Cabins certainly range from its history to rewly build and remodeled, but the older cabins always have a smaller living area and tighter hallways as big families weren’t common. 

Our Suggestion: Holloway Cabin with Private Hot Springs

Other Buena Vista Lodging

Cabin Rental Colorado

Buena Vista has many houses and living accommodations throughout downtown and along the Arkansas River that runs next to the town.  You can also find plenty of open spaces with lodging to stay with incredible views.

General Cost: An average cost during the winter low season (November to January) can cost to about $75/per night. 

Find your winter hideaway in Buena Vista thsi season, or prepare for your summer getaway and book some outdoor adventures with AVA Rafting & Zipline!