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Best Outfits for Ziplining

What to Wear Ziplining in Colorado

So you have decided to zip line this year,eh? Sounds great! Now that you know you want to zip you need to know what to wear and what to bring on your zip trip. That is the first question on everyone’s mind when booking our trips for ziplining, “ what do I wear!?” First off knowing what to wear will depend on the time of the year. The outfit will differ from season to season.

_DSC0070Right now we are in prime hot summer weather and Colorado is accustomed to afternoon thunderstorms. Though they typically only last 20 minutes or so, they can certainly put a damper on your activities. If you plan on coming out late afternoon, you are going to want to wear clothing that will stay dry. Like a rain jacket or something that will repel water. If you are coming during a hot day to go ziplining in Colorado I would suggest still wearing long pants, capris or knee length shorts, as you will be wearing a harness. Fall ziplining can get a little chillier, so shorts may be an option but look at the weather forecast before going on your trip. Hoodies, fleece & active wear will be the best and warmest option.

_DSC9438What else? All of our zipline courses offer mountain high zipping through the trees and mountains. We are at a lot higher elevation than most people are used to. You know what that means right? More Sun! So be careful with getting burned. Sun block is your best friend when in the mountains. Some people like to wear ball caps under the helmets we provide to block the sun from your face. With footwear closed toe shoes are a must. Hiking shoes and sneakers will do just fine. Our trips last around 2.5 hours so you definitely want to be comfortable for the whole trip.

Forget something at home? Don’t fret, we offer a large variety of gear you can purchase at our outpost. So you can go off and show all your friends you went ziplining with AVA this summer and fall! With all this being said we provide everything you need to go zipping such as helmets and harnessed, so just bring yourself with an awesome outfit and you will be all set for your super fun adventure.


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