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Camping in Buena Vista

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Camping in Buena Vista

The greater Buena Vista area has the highest concentration of peaks that soar above 14,000 ft. in the beautiful state of Colorado. If you’re trying to get away from larger populated areas such as Denver or Colorado Springs and want to witness the beauty of the Pike and San Isabel National Forest, what better way than to take friends and family camping?

For those visiting Colorado in the summer time, it might seem strange that a location at such a high altitude known for its snowy days and skiing adventures would boast some of the best backpacking a camping opportunities in the country. With 300 days of sunshine every year, Colorado is also one of the sunniest states in the US, offering visitors a variety of adventures to take part in year-round. Colorado offers world class rafting, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and many more outdoor excursions that show off the state’s beautiful, mountainous landscape.

Many people are drawn to Buena Vista specifically to summit the states highest point, Mt. Elbert, and to take part in rafting and fishing on the beautiful Arkansas River. Assuming you love the outdoors, there is no better way to spend time with loved ones than camping under the stars. Spending time around the campfire and breathing in the thin air of the Rockies is a must-do. Here is the best camping in Buena Vista for a few nights in between taking part in all the activities.

Twin Lakes

Just 25 miles north of Buena Vista lies Twin Lakes. Twin Lakes is a mountain oasis that offers plenty of tent and RV camping. At the base of famous Independence Pass and in the shadow of some of Colorado’s tallest mountains, these campsites are sure to amaze.

Clear Creek Reservoir Campground

Down the road from Twin Lakes sits the Clear Creek Reservoir camping area. This spot offers the same vistas as Twin Lakes with maybe a little less traffic.


A short drive north of Buena Vista sits the old mining town of Granite, CO. Granite was once the home to 3,000 miners during the mid 1800’s Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Nowadays it boasts slightly more than 100 year-round residents and amazing rafting options. AVA Rafting &  Zipline has many options for those seeking adventure with campsites and cabins on site so guests don’t have to go far for rest.

Buena Vista KOA

KOA’s are known across America as being accessible, reliable, and located in some of the most beautiful surroundings. KOA’s are held to a certain standard unlike any other campsites in the business. The are sure to offer guests local knowledge along with other amenities guests come to expect.

On the River

What better way to adventure than to earn your campsite by floating to it. The Arkansas Valley is a great place to embark on your first overnight rafting trip whether you plan it yourself or take advantage of the expertise of a rafting outfit.


No matter where one chooses to stay in Buena Vista, there won’t be a lack of beauty and mountainous terrain.


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