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Colorado Zipline


Ziplining just keeps getting more and more fun! Upgrades to our Idaho Springs zipline course have been completed and our zippers are finding that there’s more to this course than meets the eye! We won’t spoil all of the surprises, so book your zip trip today and go check out all of the coolness of ziplining (and the new elements) for yourself!


The weather in Colorado has just been perfect this summer! Minimal days of rain and as is typical, there has been a ton of sunshine and clear blue skies.


Posing for the camera will guarantee you have either the funniest or coolest pic of the day!


Children as young as 7 years old that weigh at least 50 lbs are able to participate on our zipline course in Idaho Springs. At our Granite outpost, the minimum age is 10 years old and the minimum weight 75lbs. The maximum weight for both of our zipline courses is 250 lbs.


Check out this dude as he zooms down zipline number 3. This zipline platform allows you to take a few giant steps before leaping off and flying down to the lower platform.

BreckInsta 009-1200

As you can see, the scenery at our Granite outpost is spectacular, to say the least. This happy family is thoroughly enjoying their time spent together in this family bonding activity at a one-of-a-kind location.

BreckInsta 008-1200

Just barely peeking through the trees, you can see the Arkansas River flowing just below our zip line course. If you haven’t checked into it, adding a rafting trip to your zipline adventure can save you some bookoo bucks!

BreckInsta 007-1200

The views here pretty much speak for themselves on this one. Aren’t these mountains beautiful?

BreckInsta 006-1200

Perfect for goof balls and serial bowls, ziplining is a great activity for just about everyone with every interest and ability.


Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for where the camera is. This way you can be sure you don’t get caught off guard and miss your glamour shot!


A standard in the ziplining community, the “shaka” will be spotted peeking at the camera from many a different angles. Shaka Bra!


This guy decided to check out the world from a different view…upside down! The best way to view the world is right-side-up and, of course, from a zipline!

Our zipline courses will be running at full force until September 1, 2014. After this, we’ll still be zipping, but just on a slightly modified schedule. Check out our availability by giving us a call at 1-877-RAF-TING (1-877-723-8464) and get your zipline adventure scheduled today!


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