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Eight Adventures You Need To Plan On Your Colorado Vacation

Colorado Zipline

If you have caught yourself lately daydreaming about any of the following adventures, you probably need to book a few reservations and let the fun begin! Colorado is known for it’s spectacular Rocky Mountain ski areas, but there is a whole other side to this adventurous state in the summer.

Here are 8 adventures you can’t miss when planning your Colorado vacation:

1043 1. Rafting: Colorado has the highest number of rafting visitors to the state each summer. There are multiple rivers to raft– ranging from family oriented and  mellow to outrageous and fun white water.

 2. Camping: There are literally thousands of awesome places to camp, from mountain tops to river side throughout our awesome state. For backcountry  camping check out the Bureau of Land Management for the best information.

 3. Hiking: Hiking is open to a wide range of abilities, from day hikes to adventures on the Colorado trail that tracks across the entire state. We recommend  trying one of Colorado’s infamous fourteeners and seeing the state from way up high!

4. Fishing: Colorado is known for world class fly fishing and Gold Medal waters. There are creeks and rivers that run throughout the state that offer fish such as rainbow trout and brookies.

5. Mountain Biking: Colorado is considered one of the top three states to find the trails of your dreams. Colorado has mountain bike dirt parks for the  fully geared up, from head to toe, high speed downhill runs at some of the winter skiing areas but also offers paved biking trails through scenic areas.

6. Four Wheeling: This is one of the easiest ways to get the whole family to experience the backcountry in the summer time. Trail are easy to follow and can be as challenging as you would like. Four wheeling is always fun and you can really test your 4×4 vehicle on Colorado’s  mountain passes.

7. Zip Line: We couldn’t leave this option out! If you have you ever had dreams of flying, ziplining is the next best thing! Ride to platforms on sturdy cabling systems for a birds eye view of the surrounding forest (like at our Mountaintop Zipline). Very exciting for the the entire family!

8. Hot Springs: Colorado has over 27 locations for soaking in the mineral rich waters. No matter your choice of daily adventure, a hot spring visit will be sure to relax the whole mind, body and spirit.

Now that you know what adventures are essential to your Colorado trip, you can get on a plane and head our way!


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