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Favorite Winter Hikes

Happy Around Near Denver Colorado

The beautiful Colorado winters are enough to make you want to stay outside all day long. If you are visiting for a snowboard or ski trip and are looking for other outdoor activities, hiking is a great option. Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean the trails are impassable, you just need to find the right trails. Here are some of our favorite winter hikes.

Bald Mountain (Baldy)

This trail sits at 13,684 feet above sea level, with beautiful views and excellent terrain. Although it looks like a major peak it’s actually a 6 mile long ridge. It is recommended that you begin this hike at Boreas Pass. It’s an easy climb to the summit this way. Although it is steep in some sections, it makes for an easy day hike.

Peaks Trailsnow-shoeing-1393045_1280

This dog-friendly and bike-friendly trail comes fully stocked with a lake (often frozen in winter) and a well-maintained trail. The terrain varies throughout the hike so it makes for a very interesting adventure. Although this trail is rated as difficult, the views are completely worth it. Snow fields and frozen creeks immerse you in nature. If you look from a distance you can possibly even catch a glimpse of a moose. They are reported in the area but remember to stay at a safe distance from all wildlife.

North Tenmile Creek Trail

This beautiful 7-mile round trip trail is located in the southern tip of the Gore Range. This is one of the most rugged mountains out there. The hike is long but the elevation is spread out over that long distance. It is easily accessible and the incline in the beginning does eventually flatten out. This excellent winter trail follows a creek and has many resting spots.

Sallie Barber Mine Trail

This dog and horse-friendly trail leads to a great historical mine. The winter brings a ton of snow and even a frozen waterfall if you’re lucky. This waterfall marks the halfway point for this trail and follows a gradual incline. This trail is easy and short, a great option  for beginners. The reward for completing this trail is the old mine at the end. This mine brings about a very historic feel and appreciation for mining times. This broad trail is good for avid hikers and families alike.


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