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How Ziplining Can Improve Your Mood

Woman smiling on a zipline course with AVA in Colorado

Everyone strives to be in a pleasant mood most of the time whether that be in the moment or just a general sense of attainment. There are so many events that we encounter daily that influence our state of mind such as physical activity, the season, and even the color that you are wearing. Keeping your mind fit and happy is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle. In Colorado, zipline guides love what they do and are some of the happiest people you’ll ever encounter. So, we’re taking a page out of their book on how ziplining is a great way you can improve your mood quickly with lasting effects.


Man hanging upside down while ziplining in Colorado

There is a proven connection between staying active and mental health. One of the keys to feeling better, and maybe even living longer, is incorporating some physical activity into our daily lives. The more exercise, the better. Just an hour of exercise a week can ward off that looming raincloud. The most important part is finding an activity you enjoy and can easily incorporate into your life. Not only is ziplining accessible for every fitness level, but your core muscles also get an amazing work out without the sweat, blisters, and achy muscles that would come from a trip to the gym. You will lower your blood pressure and burn some calories all while having a great time flying through the Colorado mountains. 


people on the cliffside zipline course in Colorado

Studies suggest that people who go out in nature have less activity in a part of the brain that is overactive during depression and stress. A zipline adventure through the Rocky Mountains is all it takes to alleviate negative feelings associated with the daily grind. As you soar through the forest you will be completely immersed in the color green which we tend to associate with happiness, and peace. There is no better way to experience the wonder of nature than from the best ziplining course in Colorado. The scenery from a cliffside or mountaintop zipline tour invokes a sense of tranquility; good for both the mind and the soul. 


man posing while ziplining

Ziplining is a rousing experience that boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel like you can do anything. You will never forget the day you conquered your fears and stepped off a platform over 50 feet high. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is afraid of heights or falling. You will be able to face any anxieties in a safe and controlled environment as you blaze through to the end of the course with a trained and trusted zipline guide. Bringing friends and family only enriches the experience. When you achieve success together you create a memorable experience that will be talked about for a lifetime.  

The all-encompassing feeling of zipping down the line through fresh air and beautiful scenery makes it impossible to worry about any of your problems. In some cases, an adrenaline boost on some extreme Colorado ziplines may be just the thing you need to get out of a rut of major depression. The feeling of invigoration you get from ziplining and being in nature can improve mood, cognition, and increase motivation. It’s a great way to get away from the stress of the world, build bonds with each other and become at peace with your mind and with nature.  So, what are you waiting for? Your mental health will thank you. Book your Colorado zipline adventure today.


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