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Introducing… AVA’s Buena Vista Via Ferrata!

Colorado Via Ferrata Step By Step

As many know, AVA introduced our first Via Ferrata course last summer.  After falling more and more in love with traversing the cliffside every day, we built another course.  Now introducing; the Granite Via Ferrata in Buena Vista!

History of Via Ferratas

This mountainside adventure will have you feeling like an experienced climber in just a few hours.  For those not sure what a Via Ferrata consists of, we’ll start here.  The word Via Ferrata mean “Iron Way” in Italian. This is mainly due to the fact that iron rungs are bolted into the rock face in order to create a path of travel in difficult places. There is a cable that runs along the iron steps to secure the climber to the mountain, allowing many different levels of climbers to enjoy areas normally not able to be ventured across.

What Made Via Ferratas Popular

Via Ferratas have become popular after their huge debut in WWI in the mountains of Dolomite, Italy. The higher ground was needed for field guns and observation areas, this would have been a futile task without the use of a Via Ferrata. The troops gained control of the peaks with use of these iron pathways. Since then, they have become a staple of adventure companies across the land.

Granite Via Ferrata

In response to the incredible new adventures our Mount Evans Via Ferrata gave us since the beginning of the summer last year, we thought we may enjoy another course built into the base of the towering Collegiate Peaks just outside of Buena Vista.  You’ll be dominating some mountaineering high above the Arkansas River Valley, and you won’t miss out on some ziplining.  Here’s what your trip will look like:

  • Zipline into an out of the course, totaling 4 lines for you to soar along among the treetops.
  • Scale the cliffside via iron rungs
  • Get your heart racing on a massive 60-foot free fall
  • Cross a multitude of suspended bridges, some made of log and some consisting of just a wire high above the valley floor
  • Rappel down a 70-foot rock face

This heart-pounding adventure is right above the sections AVA rafts on the Arkansas River, so you can catch glimpses of boats pumping along the whitewater as you venture your way along the mountaintop. Live your life on the edge and challenge yourself with this thrilling excursion.

Though we don’t have much footage of the Granite Via Ferrata yet, take a look at some of these pictures from our Mount Evans Via Ferrata just west of the Denver area.

Via Ferrata Tour Near Denver

Via Ferrata Colorado

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