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Colorado Balloon Rides

There are a million ways to enjoy the incredible state of Colorado. But a better way to experience the state off of the typical tourist path is to see Colorado from new heights and new views. And two great activities to do this are ziplining and hot air ballooning.

_DSC9492Ziplining is offered at two different locations, with both courses differing from one another. The Mountaintop Ziplining is located in Granite, Colorado and boasts seven different zips that wind their way down a mountain amongst the beautiful scenery of the Collegiate Peaks. The Cliffside Ziplining is located in Idaho Springs, Colorado and has six different ziplines that zigzag their way down a cliff face. This course also includes some other rope course features such as a surf zip and two hanging log bridges. The Cliffside Zip gives you great views of Clear Creek and the historical mining town of Idaho Springs, where the gold rush started. On each of these courses you will be accompanied by an experienced guide to help make your adventure as safe and as fun as possible. These zip lines feature manual hand breaking that lets the participant control how fast or how slow they go, so that they can get the most enjoyment out of the experience.


Source: Colorado Balloon Rides

Hot air ballooning requires one to get up early in order to go out when the atmosphere is most stable for the balloons, but it is well worth it. The hot air balloon rides start out of the Breckenridge area, and takes riders up to new heights to view the magnificent Colorado Rockies and the Continental Divide. The hot air balloon ride is paired with a champagne toast and brunch, which is a hot air ballooning tradition. This activity allows the riders to experience Colorado like they never have before. It is the perfect trip for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Whether you are zipping through the trees and off cliffs, or soaring high above the Rockies, these activities are sure to give you a new view of the great state of Colorado!


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