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Scenic Routes on the way to Granite and IDS

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Colorado offers some of the most beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges and wildlife viewing in the all of the United States. One of the few things people do not know about Colorado is most of the state’s majestic beauty is viewable by driving through the state or by detouring through some of the lesser known roads. With annual snowfall in Colorado sometimes reaching two hundred plus inches in the Rocky Mountains, spring time offers the best time of year to travel around and enjoy the all the pristine views. Whether you are traveling from Denver or  Glennwood Springs you are bound to find breathtaking views around every corner. Some of the best scenic routes Colorado has to offer are on the way to Idaho Springs and Granite.

_MG_4956_gr outpost camping_medTraveling from Denver to the Rocky Mountains have never been part of the thrills and frills of a vacation. With the willingness to make brief detours or an understanding of historical value, it can quite easily become one of the best parts of your trip. While traveling on I-70 west there are many areas of natural beauty and large historic value. When leaving Denver you want to keep your eyes peeled while beginning your ascent up the mountains on I-70. There are tons of wild elk viewable in just about any grassy opening through out drive. While still in the foothills look out for Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve to catch a glimpse of any number of the two dozen bison living locally (located at exit 254). Once passed the nature preserve you will be reaching Idaho Springs in about fifteen minutes where the first substantial gold discovery was made in Colorado. While in Idaho Springs you may want to take a few hours off from your long drive to enjoy a trip at our Idaho Springs Outpost.

1.1 (4)When looking for the quintessential Colorado experience you may look no further than Granite, Colorado, located just south of Leadville. When traveling to Granite, CO you will find yourself near or in Summit County, a beautiful mountainous destination boasting four world-class ski resorts. When traveling to Granite from Summit County it is recommended to travel on the I-70 to Hwy 24 for the scenic and efficient values. When leaving Summit County on I-70 you will cross over the Vail Pass a beautiful and scenic pass reaching an elevation of 10,662ft. Once on Hwy 24, watch out for breathtaking Leadville, CO the highest city in the United States! After passing Leadville you’re going to want to shift your attention to the right side of the road as you begin to pass some of Colorado’s “14ers” where the snow-capped mountain peaks reach past 14,000ft in elevation.

Motorcycles, RVs, sports cars or your old country truck, Colorado offers a route just for you no matter your destination. Spring time offers the best time of year to road trip through Colorado with most roads open and offering stunning views of multiple snow capped mountain peaks. If long winding roads are your calling you may want to take a look at the Peak to Peak Highway starting in Estes Park and ending Idaho Springs, this 55-mile excursion explores the ridgeline of Rocky Mountain Range as well as several ghost and mining towns, perfect for the thrill seeking biker or the casual afternoon cruiser.

Whether leaving Denver for a day trip or immersing yourself in the Rocky Mountain wilderness for a week Colorado offers amazing scenic views and a truly wild wilderness, so be sure to get out there and explore!


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