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Colorado Zipline Birthday Party

Have you ever felt like one adventure in a day just wasn’t enough? I have! That’s one issue that Colorado does not have a problem with rectifying. March in Colorado is a great time to be hitting the slopes and enjoying the innumerable bluebird days. Did you know that in Colorado you can zipline AND ski or snowboard all in the same day? Spice up your ski trip by adding a zipline trip into the mix.

397034_625797534605_1509574369_nMaybe you were looking into taking a vacay during spring break? If so, you should look into skiing at Loveland Ski Resort or Echo Mountain. If you took a trip to either one of those, then you would be just a 20-30 minute drive from Idaho Springs, where our Clear Creek Outposts houses the Cliffside Zipline tour. The Cliffside Zipline was voted as the Best Zipline in the Rockies by Elevation Outdoors for 2016 and boasts some of the most beautiful sights to see in all of Colorado!

Just think about it, this is the ultimate, double-adventure in one day. Even if you get all sore and worn out from shredding on the powder, ziplining doesn’t require much physical output and takes very little effort. So, go get a few good hours on the slope and then plan for a 3 hour zipline journey afterwards. In order to execute this day trip perfectly, hit the slopes as soon as they open. This will give you about 5 hours of turns before you need to head to our outpost for a 4pm zipline trip. Make sure to throw on a pair of clothes that is appropriate for a short hike.

For the next 3 hours, plan to see a lot of wildlife and miraculous views of the Rockies from a birds-eye view. Like I said, don’t worry if your legs are sore! Ziplining is more of a kick back and enjoy the ride kind of outdoor activity. You’ll have one heck of a time skiing and ziplining in the same day!


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