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The Difference Bewteen a Mountain Zipline and a Platform Zipline

Zipline in Colorado

Colorado has a scenery unlike any other from the glorious colors of the wild flowers to the ever so green mountain scenery that blankets Colorado. Hiking and biking are a great way to see it from under the branches and close to nature, but why not experience the mountains via a birds eye view? You won’t find a more scenic and interactive aerial experience in the mesmerizing mountains of Colorado than a mountain zipline adventure.

Colorado Zipline

Colorado Zipline Adventures:

Ziplining will guide you through the Rockies and show you all the aspects of Colorado’s beauty. Ziplining comes in many forms from climbing up a scenic trail to reach the start point to walk up multiple flights of stairs of a big wooden platform tower. In Colorado alone there are more than a dozen zipline course across the state all having their own little perks. The main differences between these courses are mountain zipline experiences versus platform zipline experiences. 

Platform Ziplines:

Buena Vista Zipline

Lots and lots of stairs: With a Platform Zipline you will start your trip off by climbing up a large set of stairs to get to the top of a big wooden platform. The majority of platform ziplines you will have to sit down to on the platform to start the zipline instead of going from a standing position.

Typically shorter lines: As you zip through a platform course you will be going from one platform tower to the next platform tower and so on and so forth. Each line has a little bit of a decline so you will land at a platform tower that was shorter than the previous tower that you had originally taken off from.

Similar to an amusement part: This is an excellent trip for beginners who are looking for something easy and fast. But if you are looking for more of an adventurous and immersive experience, then I would recommend doing a mountain zipline instead of a platform zipline. 

Mountain Ziplines:

Via Ferrata in Colorado

More hiking than stairs: Mountain Ziplines are courses that have been integrated into the environment around it for a more natural and immersive experience in the Rockies. You will travel from mountainsides, cliff faces, and treetops. With a mountain zipline you will get from one zipline to the next zipline by hiking to different areas.  A lot of mountain zipline courses also include features like jungle bridges and tight wire walks to add to the outdoor experience. 

Zipping over trees and water: You will be able to experience all that Colorado’s Rocky Mountains have to offer up close as you zoom through the air. You may also be able to cross one of Colorado’s beautiful bodies of water depending on where the course is and what the environment has to offer in that area.

Environmentally sustainable: Mountain Ziplines generally have less of an environmental impact than other forms of ziplines. Once it is time for the ziplilne courses to go, then the mountain side can look virtually untouched. 

Zipline Options:

Colorado Zipline

If you are looking to take a trip out to Colorado and want to experience Colorado from above with an aerial experience is the best option to go with. Whether you pick the simpler platform to platform zipline option or the more complex and natural mountain zipline either one you will get the chance to experience Colorado high in the sky.

Come and experience Colorado in all of its glory by zipping through the Rockies and seeing all of it has to offer flying through its glorious clear sky.


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