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Tips from a Zipline Guide to Make the Most of Your Trip

Thinking about ziplining but have some questions? Let us help you get some answers. Straight from one of our best guides, here’s a AVA zipline Q & A!

What does it consist of, how many lines are there?

Six amazing lines of fun-filled flight are at both locations. Our Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline does offer a 50-foot free fall. Giving it something special for those looking to be a little daring. Where the Buena Vista does not have this free fall feature (it will have a even larger free fall than Idaho Springs very soon), the views are breathtaking on their own. This location does spice things up with the second longest zipline in the state of Colorado that hits speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.  There are a couple of other cool features within each course, such as a wooden suspension bridge, Surf-Zip, and side-by-side race ziplines.

Can I bring my phone for photos?

I would not, these ziplines are located on cliff and mountain sides and some would not survive the drop should they fall out of your hands. Not to worry though, we do take pictures of you on the certain lines. Also, some of the helmets have GoPro hook ups if you bring one and we all know video is better than a photo anyway!

Are there different courses?

We have one course at each location and they both have many features:

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. You must be above 6 years old and 50 pounds and no more than 250 pounds. Oh, and please have closed toed shoes to wear!

What if you’re nervous? 

There are very qualified guides there talking with you and helping you the entire way. This trip is amazing. We clip you in and help you when you reach the next platform. Guides take their time on this course for an inspection once a day to inspect in the morning before anyone else goes on it. We have daily, monthly, and yearly inspections that we complete to make sure everything is up to par. Our system is a double cable system and can hold up to 60,000 pounds. The only things we really want you guys to do is have fun!

Can I bring water?

Of course! If you do bring a water bottle, you will need to have a carabiner though for the Idaho Springs course. We have small bags in Granite that the guides can let you use for some things like glasses and sunscreen. We do ask you always leave the car keys at the front desk.

How many people can go at once?

We can put anywhere between four to ten people on these zipline trips.

What if I don’t want to zip can I still go and watch?

We would love that but you cannot. There really isn’t anywhere for you to watch from while everyone else is zipping. 

What’s your favorite part of the trip?

My favorite part would be the feeling of freedom. There’s something magical about the wind in your hair while soaring through the sky. It a genuine chance to connect with nature in the trees. It’s very liberating. 

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