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How To Turn Your Weekend into an Unforgettable Adventure

Colorado Zipline Idaho Springs

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick Tock…. It’s Friday afternoon and you’re having a staring contest with the clock on your desk while you count the seconds until the weekend. While the classic weekend activities such as yard-work and laundry sound great of course, sometimes you need to spice things up and truly let loose and have an incredibly refreshing time for yourself and your friends/family. Well, we have the perfect way to do just that. Set the dirty socks and fresh mulch aside, because this weekend, we’re soaring through the Rockies. This weekend, we’re going ziplining.

“Yeah, yeah, ziplining…nothing new.” Think again.

While many may have seen or even been on a zipline before, but chances are you haven’t seen ziplines like these. AVA’s Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline, and Buena Vista Mountaintop Zipline are Rocky Mountain treasures. While most ziplines across the state and country will have you zipping from wooden tour to wooden tour, AVA’s ziplines take full advantage of the incredible Rocky Mountain landscape as they are secluded away form the hustle and bustle and are built directly within the natural environment. In addition to zipping from cliff to cliff, weaving through towering trees, and over high drop offs, you also get to take part in epic additional features.

Bridges, Free-falls, Race-Zips, Surf-Zips, Oh My!

Via Ferrata Colorado

Suspended Bridge at the Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs

The additional features within AVA’s zipline courses really push the courses above any of the competition! There are suspended bridges, assisted free-falls, surf-zips, dual race ziplines, and plenty more are ready to enhance your zipline adventure when you choose AVA.

AVA Ziplines in the Rocky Mountains

Cliffside Zipline – Idaho Springs

Located just 30 minutes from Denver, you’ll start at our Idaho Springs Outpost, where you will check in, receive your zipline gear and get the zipline safety rundown. We then drive you most of the way up the mountainside of our 9-acre property. You’ll get to the very top with a 10-minute hike to platform #1. All of our platforms – #1 through #6 – are built into natural cliffs and treetops.

We are not the zipline course right on the interstate! Although our Outpost is conveniently just 1/4 mile from I-70, you feel a world away with the undeveloped mountain forest and big drops where our zipline tours take place.

Mountaintop Zipline

The most incredible way to see the Arkansas River valley – from clifftop and treetop on our 44-acre private Zipline course at our Granite Outpost north of Buena Vista, CO. Six lines take you over 3,500 total feet of zooming cable flying! Finish off your adventure with our 900-foot dual race line that will leave you breathless and smiling from ear to ear!

Your heart will pound as you leap from our platforms built into natural features such as rock cliffs and towering old-growth pine trees. Overlooking the 14,000 foot Collegiate Peaks mountain range, this course provides a big dose of mountain fun.

Who Can Zipline and What to Bring

AVA Guide

Just about anyone can experience our zipline courses! Our minimum age is six years old with a minimum weight of 40 lbs. and a maximum weight of 250 lbs. There is no experience necessary! Just arrive with closed toe shoes and ready for an incredible day of adventure. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment such as a helmet and zipline harness so that you are best geared up for your adventure. From there, our amazing guides will lead you the way through the course keeping you safe and leading you to an unforgettable day.

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