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Summer Zipline Adventures Near Denver, Colorado

woman laughing on zipline course

There is no better way to see Colorado than from an aerial tour in the Rocky Mountains. Typically, getting to the Rockies from Denver can be between 2-4 hours, however we know of an incredibly special zipline course just 30 minutes from downtown Denver. This is not a regular zipline course, this is a cool zipline course. There are not platforms, but rather hiking up Mount Evans and ziplining through the forest that is overlooking the beautiful town of Idaho Springs.

It is called Cliffside for a Reason

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

This mountainside course takes you through paths of beautiful cliffs, and trees over large valleys that will be sure to make your toes tingle. This true mountain experience starts with an open top cruise through town and up to the trail head. From there you will take short hikes in-between all of the different ziplines and features that make this the best summer adventure near Denver.

Safety Comes First

We have the best zipline guides in the business, and while we want to make sure you have a thrilling experience you will feel incredible safe throughout your entire adventure next to our long time guides. Don’t take our word for it, check out this video to see exactly what you can get yourself into one beautiful day this summer.

Learn the Ropes

Our guides will be there the entire time to ensure your safety, but they also rely on you to learn the techniques and play an important role in your own adventure. Your very first zipline will start with an introduction to ziplining and all of the instruction you will need to complete the entire course. While this is not the longest zipline of the day, make sure you look around because you can see snow capped peaks in the distance and the beautiful national forest all around you.

Make a Choice

Idaho Springs Via Ferrata

Go for another zip on th second longest zipline of the day or choose to take an assisted free fall from a wooden bridge. Yep you heard us right, now go back and re-watch that video. No matter what you choose, you are still to have a heart pumping thrill on the second line or the free fall.

Time to Surf

One of the ziplines you will go on is a surf zip. You hop on the board get clipped in and have a great time as you zip down to a jungle bridge.

Jungle Bridge and Tight Rope

Again, this is not a normal zipline course. This is full of adventures from the cliffside over 100 feet above ground. THis jungle bridge may sound easy, but trust us, you will need laser focus to go across without a fumble. Don’t worry, you are safely clipped in the entire time! Next, you will tip toe across a tight rope over a beautiful valley. Don’t look down!

Steepest and Longest Ziplines

Via Ferrata Tours in Colorado

Now that you are a pro, our guides let you embark on our steepest and longest lines of the day. You will use those techniques you learned during the first zip to help steer yourself straight and maybe put on the brakes when necessary.

Duel Race Line

This is definitely a fan favorite as you get to pick your partner and race them down the next line. At this point you’re a pro at ziplining, so you have a great chance of completing this line first!

Zip Over the Chicago Creek

The worst part about the entire course is when it has to end. However, before you turn in your gear you get to do a final zipline over the beautiful Chicago Creek. Once it is all said and done, you will have completed 2,360 feet of zipping distance.

Fall Ziplining in Colorado

Starlight Zipline

If you are up for even more of a challenge, strap on the headlamp and join us for our starlight zipline. There is no better place to watch the sunset then when you are soaring through the mountains.

If you are still unsure about this zipline course right by Denver, then give our adventure specialist a call and they will help you find the perfect adventure f0r you and your group: 970-423-7031.