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If you’re planning a zipline tour you may want to know about some zipline FAQ’s before you head out into the trees.


Q: What is the difference between a zip line tour and a canopy tour?

A: Zip line tours are not built into trees, Canopy Tours are. Though there are some cool tree features that our zippers fly over and through.


Q: Which country generates the most annual revenue per capita from zip lines?

A: Costa Rica boasts over $120 Million in revenue from zip line tourism alone per year.


Q: What are zip lines called in Europe?

A: Zip Wires, and they are typically featured alongside ropes courses.


Q: How many countries have zip lines?

A: Over 63, across 6 continents.


Q: What is a zip line?

A: A commercial zip line consists of a pulley mounted on a strong cable attached to anchors on an incline. A person rides in a “car” connected to the pulley using gravity to propel the user from the higher elevated launch point to the lower receiving end point.


Thinking of going ziplining

Q: Is it zip line or zip-line?

A: Both are correct!


Q: What are some common nicknames for zip lines?

A: Zip Wires, Aerial Runways, Aerial Ropeslides, Death slide, Flying Fox, Tyrollean runway, or canopy tour.


Q: Where were the first zip lines used?

A: Zip lines were used in China in the 1800’s as bridges to cross rivers.


Q: How long is the world’s longest zip line?

A: 1.12 miles with a drop over 2k feet and top speeds reaching 75 mph.


Q: Aside from recreation and travel, what other purpose do zip lines serve?

A: Zip lines are used in some countries to transport harvested crops.


Q: What gear is worn while zip lining?

A: Helmets, Harness, specialty leather gloves with padding used for braking.


Q: How many ski resorts in Colorado have zip line courses?

A: 1 – Crested Butte.


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