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Ziplining for Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, and Weddings

Ziplining in Colorado

Summertime in the high country of Colorado means summer fun. From hiking and camping to rafting and mountain biking, summer activities are in full swing. Summertime also heralds the arrival of another season. Weddings! With spectacular views, ample lodging for out of town guests, and ideal summer temperatures, weddings in Colorado have become a very important staple to summertime in the high country. And of course, accompanying every wedding is the memorable experiences of the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

imagesHave you ever thought of making your wedding party’s events more memorable than the rest? Yes, Vegas is but a days drive from Colorado, but why not do something original? Why not do something exciting and adrenaline pumping? Why not go ziplining and whitewater rafting with your closest friends?

Ziplining is an exhilaratingly fun way to spend an afternoon, or morning, or evening for that matter. Ziplining requires no experience and can be enjoyed by almost all skill and physical fitness levels. Click here for details. Our Mountain Top Zipline courses string together multiple ziplines that will take you through canopies and over large canyons for an adventurous ride to share with your friends.

If ziplining is not enough, there are several other options that DSC_6942can be paired with a zipline tour to make it even more enjoyable. Check out our different trips such as our dinner zip, rock climbing and ziplining, and of course, rafting and ziplining! Nothing’s more unique and thrilling than seeing some of your best friends cringe as they zip down a 200ft. zipline or drop down a 7ft. waterfall.

To accommodate wedding parties or just a good group of family and friends, check out our group discounts.


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