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Tips for Colorado Ziplining From the Pros

Ziplining Near Denver Colorado

By: Bailey Reker

So first things first, please don’t ever build or ride any kind of “backyard” zipline! These can be extremely dangerous and sometimes even fatal, if you don’t want to take my word for it, go ahead and search for it on YouTube. These makeshift ziplines can end in serious injuries more often than not but fear not because there are so many proper ziplines that have gone through all of the right inspections! AVA has multiple locations that has EPIC zipline courses in Colorado and we would be happy to make a reservation for you!

1.) Weather

One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to ziplining is the weather. Before you head out on your excursion, you will want to take a look at the forecast for the town you will be ziplining at. There isn’t anything that can ruin a fun trip than getting hit in the face with rain or hail at 30 mph. So please check the weather and if there is any potentially sketchy weather in the forecast, you will want to either dress appropriately or consider rescheduling for a nicer day.

If you can brave the cold, I would highly recommend trying out ziplining in the snow! It can be a beautiful experience at our Idaho Springs location when the ground and trees have a nice layer of snow on them. It can get quite cold though, so again go ahead and dress accordingly!

Ziplining Near Denver Colorado

2.) Prepare For the Harness

I know you have really been wanting to wear that cute corp top or super cute maxi dress but this is just not the time. Keep in mind that you will have a helmet and harness on when you go out on your adventure, so a skirt or dress can complicate that! Your super rad gelled mohawk also probably won’t fit too well under the helmet that you will have to wear too.

So try to keep the outfit simple and comfortable,. maybe wear some athletic shorts and a t-shirt if it is a nice warm day. Also, please wear closed toed shoes that have a bit of traction so you don’t lose your kicks on the way down and are able to stop yourself a bit at the end. If you don’t have closed toed shoes most places won’t allow you to participate on their course including AVA.

3.) Elevation

Visiting Colorado for the first time? Something that many people might forget is that Colorado generally has a extremely high elevation which can effect anybody that is not used to it. Getting altitude sickness can ruin not only a zipline trip but potentially an entire vacation. But before you fear the elevation, know that there are things you can do to prepare yourself! You can help prepare your body for the elevation change by getting plenty of rest and by drinking lots and lots of water before you come to CO. Staying at a lower elevation and working your way up higher throughout the trip can be very helpful as well.

Also be warned that consuming alcohol at higher elevations can affect you a lot faster than it would at lower elevations as well. Higher elevations can often cause increased light-headedness and dehydration which when paired with alcohol can intensify the effects.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the sun can also pack more of a punch at higher elevations. The sun is much harsher and applying sunscreen is key in avoiding severe sunburns.

4.) Research the Requirements

Last but not least, please look over any requirements that the company may have such as weight or age restrictions. Most places in Colorado have a limit of 40-250lbs and this can definitely ruin a trip for some in your group!

Via Ferrata Tours in Colorado

Follow these tips and your ziplining adventures will be one of the most incredible experiences that you can imagine!


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