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Restaurants in Idaho Springs

  • Tommy Knocker Brewery

    Tommy Knockers brewery is a local favorite, and a must for anyone traveling through Idaho Springs. Located on historic Main Street Tommyknocker Brewery will be sure to satisfy any taste bud. Try any of their signature brews made in house and enjoy a burger or pizza. Tommy Knockers makes is where the locals go to reminisce and relax.

  • Beau Jos

    Beau Jo's pizza is legendary among Colorado outdoor enthusiasts. The original pizza restaurant, located in Idaho Springs, Colorado has been the apres ski hangout since it opened in 1973.In harmony with the environment, we are a Colorado company that utilizes both wind source and solar power in our restaurants.

  • Two Brothers Deli

    At Two Brothers Delicatessen a quality meal is placed in the customers hands in minutes. The atmosphere is friendly and upbeat and the consistency and service are unmatched. Come in and relax for a hour or an afternoon.