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Best Time to Enjoy Ziplining Adventures Across Colorado

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One of my absolute favorite things to do is zipline. It’s hard to not have a good time while you are flying around through the air! So were going to go over the best time to enjoy ziplining across the great state of Colorado!

Buena Vista Zipline

Don’t worry we will cover it all:

  1. How the weather of Colorado affects ziplining to
  2. When all the outposts and companies open and close for the season
  3. The best locations to see in the different seasons

How Weather Affects Ziplining

Rain: Most ziplines will run as usual with slight changes to safety protocols for just rain. You are clipped in to safety cables the whole time so the risk of slipping is a lot lower! In the rain sometimes, depending on the zipline or course, you go faster too!

Storms: The main thing that affects ziplining, or for that matter, shuts it down, would be electrical activity. We usually call It lightening! Due to the fact that most zip lines are made of some type of conductive material and are elevated off the ground they pose a higher risk of being struck by lightening. This is why most courses will evacuate everyone during storms with lightning.

Snow: Ziplining in the snow can actually be quite fun! However, you have to be careful that you are dressed warm enough to ensure you won’t get frost bite. The zipline guides will check all the lines before you go out and make sure there is no ice that would stop you on the course.

There are seasons in Colorado that have little to know rain. Some companies open as early as March and close as late as November! If you were to go in the early season or the late season you would have a better chance of avoiding all those summer thunder storms and delays. Ziplining through the snow might be one of the most awesome and beautiful experiences ever too! There’s nothing like it.

Ziplining Locations across Colorado

There are also some amazing options and locations for ziplining in Colorado.

Granite, Colorado: If you prefer higher elevation ziplining over the beautiful Arkansas River Valley, then head to Granite just outside of Buena Vista for a Mountaintop Zipline. Granite zipline opens May 15, and closes Labor Day weekend.

Colorado Via Ferrata

Canon City, Colorado: Maybe you prefer being a litter lower in elevation. Head out to south eastern Colorado for lower elevation and even some warmer temps. The Royal Gorge Zipline is open even in the winter.

Ziplining in Buena Vista

Idaho Springs, Colorado: If you in Denver even for a day or two, there are some beautiful zipline locations 30-45 minutes right outside of town in Idaho springs, CO. From cliff sides to creeks these ziplines have all you could hope for, especially if you come in the fall season when all the leaves are beginning to change colors and drop off the trees! Its just stunning to see. The Cliffside Zipline opens February 28 and closes December 6, 2020.

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When to visit each location

While we know you can’t always plan your vacation around your zipline experience, its best to be informed and plan ahead so here is a little help with that.

Spring Ziplining: We HIGHLY recommend visiting the Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs. You may get some snow, or beautiful sunny spring days but either way this course is a blast and perfect for those spring days when the skiing is over and the rafting has not started!


Summer Ziplining: Summer is the best time to visit Buena Vista, Colorado and try the Mountaintop Zipline. You get unbelievable weather and sunny days in Granite in the summer and so many other activities to embark on while you are there.

Fall Ziplining: Fall is the perfect time to visit the Idaho Springs Zipline and see the aspen trees changing colors from up above. We get the most beautiful fall in Colorado and we don’t think there is any better way to experience it then from above.

Fall Activities in Colorado

Now that you know the best times of the season to com ziplining and some good areas, it’s time to get out here and start that next adventure! You have so many options for time of the year to pick from, maybe you like the heat of June July more then the late season of November and snow! We have a little bit of excitement and adventure for every person looking, so come on out and get a taste!


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