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Cliffside Zipline Tour

Adventure from our Idaho Springs Outpost


Cliffside Zipline Tour in Idaho Spring


A super-fun mountain activity just 30 minutes from Denver!  Our Idaho Springs Cliffiside Zipline tour runs well into November – call to book now!


  • Jungle Bridge
  • “Surf Zip”
  • Bridge of Doom
  • 600-foot Dual Race Line
  • 50-foot Cliffside Free Fall
  • Total zipping distance is 2360 ft.
  • Ages 6+
  • Weight restriction of a minimum of 50 lbs and a maximum of 250 lbs.

Our Cliffside Idaho Springs Zipline course is perched high above our outpost on a wooded mountainside and offers six different zip lines of varying lengths and intensity. This zipline tour will take you through paths of beautiful cliffs and trees with drops to satisfy even the adrenaline junkie. You’ll conclude with an exhilarating zip over Chicago Creek for a photo finish!

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Don’t miss this amazing experience, so close to Denver but truly a mountain experience. Ages 6+

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Rafting + Zipline Packages

  • Gold Rush Raft Trip & Zipline Package

  • 1/3-day rafting, 1/2 day zipline
    From $153 adults, $128 kids 6-12 (min age 6, min weight 50 lbs)
    Idaho Springs Outpost: See Map

    Just 30 minutes from Denver, Idaho Springs can offer you a true mountain experience without going far from the city! Join us for a scenic zipline tour on a beautiful mountainside where you will see unbelievable views of the Continental Divide and the town of Idaho Springs. After a break for lunch, let us take you on a beginner whitewater rafting trip on Clear Creek where the eleven Class III rapids are sure to get you hooked on rafting. Combining these two activities in one day will definitely give you the adrenaline rush you been looking for without having to go far from home! Trip includes a lunch break between activities: enjoy a lunch in Idaho Springs or bring your own to have on our creekside deck.

  • Upper Clear Creek Raft Trip & Zipline Package

  • ⅓ day rafting, ½ day zipline
    From $163 adult, 15+ on the raft trip
    Idaho Springs Outpost: See Map

    Have an action-packed day when you enjoy the thrill of ziplining and the adrenaline pumping intermediate section of Clear Creek. Start your day on top of the mountainside behind our outpost where you can see the best views of the Continental Divide and the surrounding areas. Sail through the six lines of the course while jumping off cliffs and soaring through the trees. Finish the zipline by flying over Chicago Creek and ending up right in our own backyard! After a short break from lunch, take to the river for a heart-pounding afternoon of Class IV rapids on the intermediate and technical section of Clear Creek. Dropping over 1,300 vertical feet in 8 miles, you will encounter some of Clear Creek’s most famous rapids such as Phoenix, Nomad, Falls Creek, and Outer Limits. This adventure filled day is sure to leave you breathless! Between activities, you’ll have time for a lunch break. Head into Idaho Springs (5 min walk, 2 min drive) to enjoy one of the great restaurants or bring your own to have on our deck.

  • Lower Canyon Trip & Zipline Package

  • ½ day rafting, ½ day zipline
    From $178 adult, 15+ on the raft trip
    Idaho Springs Outpost: See Map 

    Combine two of our most popular Idaho Springs activities for an adrenaline rushed day! Start the day soaring through the trees on our mountainside zipline course. Enjoy views of the Continental Divide and the Colorado Rockies. Reach speeds of up to 30 mph while sailing through our six line zip tour! Take a short break for lunch to re-energize for an afternoon full of adventure. Experience lower Clear Creek Canyon while paddling through some of the steepest, most continuous, and technical section of whitewater in the country! Conquer fourteen Class III-V rapids like Double Knife, Hell’s Corner, Guide Ejector and Corkscrew as you drop 150 ft per mile! Between activities, you’ll have time for a lunch break. Head into Idaho Springs (5 min walk, 2 min drive) to enjoy one of the great restaurants or bring your own to have on our deck.

  • Gold Rush Raft & Via Ferrata Package

  • ½ day rafting, ½ day via ferrata tour
    From $153 Ages 12+
    Idaho Springs Outpost: See Map 

    Join us for an action-packed day with the Raft + Via Ferrata package adventure in Idaho Springs! You will head out on the morning Gold Rush Rafting trip, then follow that up with the truly unique assisted rock climbing and mountaineering adventure known only as The Iron Way! The Via Ferrata is a physically demanding activity that includes a short hike, traversing, mountaineering, rappelling, ziplining, various cable bridges and a 50 foot free fall. We recommend that those interested in the Via Ferrata tour are physically active. This adventure requires upper body strength, balance and endurance. Please bring a water bottle that can be clipped to your harness with a carabiner.