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Zipline FAQs




  • How many lines do the courses have?

    There are 7 lines on the Mountaintop Zipline course in Buena Vista, also including a Swinging Log Bridge and Hanging Log Staircase. The Cliffside Zipline course in Idaho Springs has 6 lines as well as a Jungle Bridge, "Surf Zip", Bridge of Doom, a 600-foot Dual Race Line and an optional 50-foot Cliffside Free Fall.

  • How long are the lines?

    The lines range from 264 ft to 862 ft on the Mountaintop Zipline and provide great scenery of the Arkansas Valley area. The Cliffside Zipline course has 6 lines with a total distance of 2360 ft of ziplining fun!

  • How much does it cost?

    $99 - $109 for adults (13+)
    $89 - $99 for children (12-)

    $89 for adults (13+)
    $79 for children (12-)

  • What should I wear?

    We do require that everyone wears closed toed shoes. No Chacos, Keens, Crocs, flip flops or sandals are allowed. We strongly suggest taking a look at the weather before you head over for your trip. Shorts and tank tops are allowed during the summer months. In the winter months, we do recommend that you wear long pants and jackets. No baggy clothes, skirts or dresses are permitted.

  • Are there any weight restrictions?

    Both our Mountaintop Zipline and Cliffside Zipline courses have a weight restriction of a minimum of 50 lbs and a maximum of 250 lbs.

  • Do I need to sign a waiver?

    As in any physical activity, we do require that you sign a Release of Liability Waiver. A parent or legal guardian must sign for any minor children. Please fill out your waiver online before your trip!

  • Can I bring my camera/cell phone to take pictures?

    We encourage guests to bring cameras to capture the beautiful Colorado scenery you will experience from our courses. We do also like to warn guests that if an item is dropped, it is very unlikely that it will be retrieved due to the mountainous terrain. If it’s something important to you and has significant value, we suggest leaving it in your car to be safe!

  • What if I am afraid of heights?

    We have a very well trained and certified guide staff that have will work with you to ease your fears and make sure that you have an enjoyable time! Guests will be clipped in at all times while on the course and a guide will be there with you at all times.

  • How safe is the course?

    Both courses have a two pulley and line system to ensure safety. We also require everyone to wear helmets and leather gloves on each trip. Our courses were built by a professional builder and approved by the City Builder Inspector.

  • What kind of training do the guides receive?

    Our staff goes through an extensive training in general course knowledge, proper techniques, and safety rescue procedures. We work in close cooperation with the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), as they are one of the premier companies in setting the standards in course installation, inspection, and operation.

  • Is there much walking/hiking?

    There is short walk associated with both courses. It’s a less than 10 minute walk at the Mountaintop course and about a 5 minute walk at the Cliffside course.

  • Can my minor child go without me?

    Yes, children can go without a parent or guardian as long as a waiver has been filled out for them prior to arriving at the outpost. Waivers are available online here. (link to waiver).

  • Do I need to make a reservation?

    We strongly recommend reservations to ensure that there is availability at the time you wish to go. Our trip times fill up fast!

  • What happens if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

    We do follow a strict cancellation policy which is as follows:

    AVA offers a 90% refund to any guest who needs to cancel their adventure until 7pm the night before the trip date. Trip changes must be completed by 7pm the night before the trip to avoid change fees. Trip changes after 7pm will result in a 15% change fee and are subject to availability. If you do cancel your reservation after 7pm the night before the trip, your reservation will be converted to an open credit equal to 85% of the total cost of your adventure. The credit is valid for the current season only.

    NOTE: Cancellation policy applies to the full amount of your trip.

    Change Policy: Inside of two weeks of the trip, changes made to the date of the trip will result in a change fee. Change fees are 15% of the total cost of the trip. Changes may not be made inside of 48 hours.

  • Do we still go if the weather is bad?

    We do zip rain or shine or snow!

    However, AVA's zipline management reserves the right to cancel tours due to unsafe weather conditions, such as heavy winds and lightning. If your tour has been cancelled by management, AVA will contact you to refund or reschedule your reservation. AVA reserves the right to postpone or delay your zipline tour up to one hour to wait out inclement weather and then resume once conditions are deemed safe by management. If the zipline tour is started and less than 50% of the course is completed, you will be refunded 50% of the cost of the trip. If the zipline tour is started and more than 50% of the course is completed, you will not be refunded.