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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

No meat?  No problem!  Denver, Colorado is rapidly becoming a mecca for foodies from all over the United States, and more and more people have started dietary restrictions for themselves whether they chose to or are forced to because of their health.  Vegetarians and vegans tend to have more of a struggle finding good food, especially food that is truly vegan, but luckily Denver has hopped on the train to providing vegetarian and vegan options to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

City O’ City

The food at City O’ City on 13th Avenue in Capitol Hill produce some incredible cuisine in both the vegetarian and vegan categories.  City O’ City’s menu items include kimchi pancakes and fried ravioli, which pack a flavorful punch.  Local art also is displayed throughout the restaurant, and they offer late nights vegetarian specials for a great midnight snack stop.


Watercourse, located off 17th Avenue, is a full vegan restaurant which attracts all appetites.  Everything is organic and absolutely delicious, with a drink menu including cocktails, tea, handmade sodas.  The cuisine is compromised of street tacos and breakfast items served all day.  So, if you’re a fan of French toast as an afternoon snack, stop by Watercourse and check out their versatile menu.

Beet Box Bakery Café

This less known, but definitely not less loved, of a hangout off of 22nd Avenue is definitely worth checking out.  Beet Box Bakery Café produces an abundance of vegan baked goods, and their coffee is a perfect drink to jump start to your morning the right way.  Vegan breakfast sammies and a delightful touch to a sugary sweet menu make this gluten-free spot a hit among locals.

Govinda’s Garden

Govinda’s Garden buffet-style restaurant has been around for nearly 30 years, and it’s fresh and inventive items placed throughout it’s delicious line-up offer healthy veggie-ful meals to satisfy your every need.  The menu changes very frequently, so the chefs are always serving up new cuisine with at least one Indian or Indian-inspired dish on the table.  Head to Cherry Street for this no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, garlic, or onions menu, and be sure to try one of their Bhakti traditional cakes – it will blow your mind!

Check out one of these Denver restaurants to get you and you friends fueled up for our Idaho Springs zipline course just thirty minutes west of downtown, or if you need a post adventure meal to really make your belly happy after climbing your way through our Via Feratta course.  AVA Rafting & Zipline‘s Cliffside Zipline will open back up at the beginning of March, giving you a great excuse to escape to the mountains for an afternoon adventure!  Give AVA a call and 855-ZIPPING, and one of our trip specialists can book your activity today.


*Featured image courtesy of Thrillist.


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