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Check out these Physical Requirements before your next Zipline Adventure

Colorado Zipline

What are the Physical Requirements for Ziplining?

Interested in Ziplining? Wondering if you are a prime physical candidate for this activity? Good! That’s what you’re reading about now!

This is a very important question to ask before you book your next zipline adventure and we have a very simple answer for you. You must be between 40 pounds and 250 pounds, but if you happen to be lighter than 40 pounds (well most likely you are not reading this, but your parent is) then you can zipline tandem style. You would need to double check with the guide company but usually they can connect you to the guide and zipline safely with them.

Colorado Zipline

Ziplining is a thrill seeker’s dream introductory activity. You get all of the rush of being high up off of the ground while maintaining the solace that you are harnessed into equipment that has been inspected & double inspected to make sure that you are still completely safe! Part of those equipment inspections is making sure how much weight that particular harness can hold as well as what the smallest thing it can keep safe is. Here is a good tool to use to determine whether or not ziplining is going to be the perfect outdoor activity for you!





No Height Requirement

40 lbs

6 years old


No height limit

250 lbs

No Age Limit

Wondering about strength? 

Now that we’ve covered some of the more basic logistics of ziplining requirements, you may be wondering if you are in good enough shape physically for this activity. Wonder no more! If you can hike a short and moderate trail and can climb a ladder, then I have absolute faith that you will be capable of zipping. Ziplining is perfect for those in at least average shape and in reasonable health overall.

Colorado Zipline

Afraid of heights?

What if you’re scared of heights? This is definitely something to take into serious consideration when deciding whether or not ziplining is your perfect outdoor activity. Typically, there will be 1-2 “Bail Out” points towards the beginning of the zip course that will offer those guests with a fear of heights an opportunity to opt out of the activity. While it may be comforting that there will be an exit strategy if need be, keep in mind that most companies do not offer refunds to those choosing to “Bail Out”.  Lastly, you may very well be stuck with a longer trek back to the outpost you if you choose to end your adventure early as well.

Mountaintop Zipline Buena Vista Colorado

With that all being said, I definitely encourage everyone to face their fears and experience this awe-striking experience, but to be safe in your choices as well!

Now that you have learned about zipline requirements, it is time to check out some of the top zipline courses in Colorado!

#1 Mountaintop Zipline Adventure


Location: Granite, Colorado

Top Feature: It is a tough choice between 4,000 feet of high flying fun, the swinging log bridge or just the indescribable views!

#2 Cliffside Zipline Adventure


Location: Idaho Springs, Colorado

Top Feature: Duel race zipline, jungle bridge, or the fact that you are only 30 minutes from Denver.

#3 Durango Zipline Adventure

Location: Durango, Colorado

Top Feature: Choose between 6 or 12 ziplines that are perched high in the pines!

Zipline with Kids Colorado

Kids Fun Ziplining


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