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How fast can you travel on a zipline?

Colorado Zipline

IMG_1272-450 Whizzing over the trees, traveling down a cliffside, reaching mountaintop to mountaintop, there are certainly no limits to where  ziplining can take you, but what about how fast you can go? Ziplining is not only a great way to see some fabulous sights, but also to  really get the blood pumping with some high speeds. With not just one, but two convenient locations, you can be traveling fast on our  ziplines anywhere!

Our Idaho Springs Zipline, or Cliffside Zipline, is located just 30 minutes west of Denver. With six different lines and some  additional  special features, such as two hanging log bridges, a skateboard zipline, a dual race line and a 50ft. free fall, there is  enough zipping to  get your blood pumping. The dual race is comprised of a 600′ long zipline where you can race your friend to the  end, picking up some  fast speeds on the end.

With just as fast, if not faster lines, our Buena Vista zipline has some long lines ensuring you’ll reach your maximum speed. The  Mountaintop zipline allows you to fly high above the trees over 44 acres of land. With seven lines spanning 4,000ft you will sure to  gain some speed on these long lines.

With not just one, but two ziplining locations, each uniquely different, you will be sure to find some adventure. With extra long lines and steep inclines high speeds are sure to be reached. So come and check out our different courses and see how fast you can travel on our ziplines!



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