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The Longest Zipline in the World

Longest Zipline in the World

The World’s Longest Zipline

Found in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, “The Monster” is the longest zipline in the world. The basic details of this zipline course almost seem too good to be true. Reaching 1,200 feet high and 7,234 feet long, this zip may be the closest thing to flying you can experience! “The Monster” proves to be a well-suited name for this adventure.

Toro Verde Adventure Park

Toro Verde Adventure Park gets to boast about this Guinness World Record holding zip line, and boast they should. Let’s take a second to break down the length of the longest zipline in the world. At 7,234 feet, it comes to over 1.3 miles, which comes to about about 28 football fields. While you’re cruising, you will go over a valley. Here you will be soaring over 1,200 feet off the ground, just short of the Empire State Building.

The ride takes about 2.5 minutes and is an incredibly fast way to go over a mile! The average cruising speed is around 35 mph, but those with the right posture and closer to the weight limit of 270 pounds have reached speeds of 95 miles per hour! As you zip you get to take in the incredibly beautiful views of the tropical forest of Puerto Rico. The lush green trees and bright blue skies while you soaring will give you an experience like no other.

What’s the best part of this trip? It’s only a domestic flight away! No passport or international flight prices are needed to visit this tropical paradise and the longest zipline in the world! And while you’re in Puerto Rico, you can also check out its beautiful beaches, some of which are known to have the best surf in the Atlantic Ocean! You also get to immerse yourself in some Spanish culture that many on mainland forget all about!

Colorado Zipline

If “El Monstro” seems a little too much for you, have no fear; there are plenty of zip lines across America that don’t require the massive amount of courage that the Monster does. Colorado Zipline offers incredible zip lining experiences in two different locations, Idaho Springs and Granite, Colorado.

While most ziplines offer a basic plank to plank trip, we have found a way to make it a little more interesting. On our courses, which consist of 7 different zips, you’ll find yourself mixing it up. For one zip you will be riding a skateboard through the air. For another one, you will race your friend to the next zip. And for those fearless zippers, there’s the optional 50 foot free fall, where you walk off a plank and see how brave you really are. If you are on a quest to build your tolerance of speed and heights, be sure to start with Colorado Zipline, and before you know it, you may find yourself on “El Monstro”.


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