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New Climbing Gear You Need For 2018

The new year means new climbing adventures are on the schedule and plenty of top notch gear released by our favorite brands.  So iLL released a new rubber that gives the bottom of those shoes so much grip you’ll glide up the cliff sides, Black Diamond has finally caught up to the game and produced a new shoe line, and Mammut Smart has a new 2.0 belay device which is a complete evolution of the original smart belay.  Check out this list we’ve compiled of climbing gear that should be in your equipment bag for 2018.

So iLL Dark Matter

So iLL has announced their new shoe grip product called Dark Matter.  These soles have so much grip that your toes grab the rock like glue.  Your feet and hands are your most powerful tools in climbing, and the Dark Matter rubber will benefit you sufficiently on the rock face.  Dark Matter was originally designed for Navy SEALs for tactical application.  So iLL has incorporated this rubber into a great versatile unisex shoe for everyday use, and it will be a hit with any skateboarders.  If you’re in the market for new climbing shoes this year, So iLL should definitely be on your radar.

Black Diamond Shoe Line

More shoes from this beloved climbing company make for a great start to 2018.  Two new types of high performance shoes (called Shadow and Focus) and are on the queue for Black Diamond.  Late last year they released their entry level shoes, Momentum an Aspect, so these two new additions should complete the line.  Many other companies have been designing and perfecting climbing shoes for years, so we’re wondering how Black Diamond will compete with them.  Being a trusted name in the game, it shouldn’t be a huge issue for the company.  They also have incorporated NeoFriction rubber, a proprietary resin for the midsole, and rubber molded toe and heel rands to their shoe.  High quality gear means high quality performance, right?

Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay

After taking a long look at it’s popular Smart belay, Mammut has upped the ante and launched the Smart 2.0.  This revamped belay is a more effective and safe version of the original, and Mammut has given this device a new grip for your comfort and better handling with belaying. With five different color options, there’s a perfect Smart 2.0 for every climber.

Skylotec Rider 3.0 for Via Ferrata

Rest anywhere on the via ferrata course you decide to venture out on, and feel at ease with the automatic brake system this Skylotec gear is equipped with.  Left handed?  Not to worry!  The Rider 3.0 is easily interchangeable for both right and left handed mountaineers.

The highest quality of gear is being released for 2018, and we’re sure the best is yet to come.  Come adventure on our Cliffside Zipline, Mountaintop Zipline, or Via Ferrata this year as well.  We provide all the gear… your only responsibility is to make lasting memories in the Colorado Rockies!


*Featured image courtesy of Out There Colorado.





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