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Pair Your Colorado Aerial Adventure with a Rafting Trip this Year

Colorado Zipline Idaho Springs

The mountains are just beginning to thaw. The warmth of the summer sun sets flowers into bloom and birds in to motion, and the rivers are beginning to crank out some higher flows. That means we’re ready to go!  Though we’ve been ziplining and venturing out on our Via Ferrata courses since the beginning of March (yes, it’s been over two months), it’s the best time of the year when we can start combo-ing some of the best outdoor activities into one action-packed day.

Idaho Springs

With this location just 30 minutes west of Denver, you don’t have to dedicate an entire weekend to adventure. The Cliffside Zipline incorporates 6 high flying lines above the historic mining town as well as suspended bridges.  With a 50-foot free fall quick jump, a Surf Zip, and a Dual Race line, your crew will have a great time venturing along the cliffside.

Pair this zip course with rafting a section of Clear Creek.  This stretch of whitewater is equipped with all levels of rapids, so even your kids can enjoy this day of fun.

If you’ve already done a ziplining course in Colorado before, we assure you ours is top notch.  For those looking for an extra challenging day, our Mount Evans Via Ferrata incorporates ziplining along with plenty of other mountaineering activities such as traversing along iron rungs, rappelling down a 70-foot rock face, and much more.

Colorado Via Ferrata

Rafting + Zipline Packages in Idaho Springs

Gold Rush (Class III) + Cliffside Zipline  

Upper Clear Creak (Class IV) + Cliffside Zipline 

Lower Canyon (Class V) + Cliffside Zipline 

Rafting + Via Ferrata Packages in Idaho Springs

Gold Rush (Class III) + Mount Evans Via Ferrata

Upper Clear Creek (Class IV) + Mount Evans Via Ferrata

Lower Canyon (Class V) + Mount Evans Via Ferrata

Buena Vista

You’re looking for a true Colorado mountain experience?  Our Buena Vista outpost is nestled at the base of the towering 14,000+ foot Collegiate Peaks and is the perfect destination for those on the hunt for a great day or two in the Rockies.  The Mountaintop Zipline is a 7-line course which will have you soaring above the Arkansas River Valley.  You can step your game up in Buena Vista as well by trying out AVA’s newest adventure, the Granite Via Ferrata.  This combination of climbing and obstacle crossing is a great way to try new experiences while creating memories.  

You’ll pair either of these aerial adventures with some of the best whitewater rafting in the country.  We aren’t lying when we say Browns Canyon is the most popular stretch of rapids in America, and you can part of your day cruising through it.

Rafting + Zipline Packages in Buena Vista

Browns Canyon (Class III) + Mountaintop Zipline  

Numbers (Class IV) + Mountaintop Zipline 

Pine Creek (Class V) + Mountaintop Zipline 

Rafting + Via Ferrata Packages in Buena Vista

Browns Canyon (Class III) + Granite Via Ferrata

Numbers (Class IV) + Granite Via Ferrata

Pine Creek (Class V) + Granite Via Ferrata


These trip combinations give you the best sights available in Colorado. You’ll experience the wild from above and the river rapids from below. Come grab a paddle, gear up, and get into some amazing adventures this summer with AVA Rafting & Zipline 


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