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Planning a Zipline Roadtrip

Most everyone has taken a road trip in their life. Mom packs up half the house, and then stuffs it, along with snacks, and kids into the family_road_trip_packing_tips1back seat of the minivan. Then it’s off for a few hundred miles of “he’s touching me!” or “quiet, I’m trying to drive!” before reaching the final destination. What if there was a twist added to the classic road trip? What if your road trip was filled with adventure and crazy fun activities? Here’s some ideas on planning a zipline road trip.

AVA has two awesome ziplines, located in Idaho Springs and Granite, Colorado. Children must be at least 7 and over 50 lbs in order to zip in Idaho Springs, and at least 10 years of age and over 75 lbs for the Granite zip. Both courses have a weight limit of 250 lbs.

Depending on where you are coming from, the AVA Outpost in Granite, Colorado is a great first stop on your zipline road trip. Enjoy the 7 line mountain top zip course built into the natural features of the beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape. Soar through the air while having the time of your life, and sharing it all with your road trip companions.

IMG_0222After an epic day of zipping, spend the night in one of our rustic cabins or pop up you own tent on one of our many camp sites.  Enjoy dinner around the campfire, as your group recalls all the amazing events of the day.

Wake up the next morning surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature, including the rushing Arkansas River. Spend the first part of your day rock climbing with awesome AVA guides, who will literally show you the ropes. Then head over for a half day rafting trip, perhaps through Brown’s Canyon, before spending one more night camping at our Granite Outpost.

Day 3 continues your road trip with about at 4 hour drive from Granite to Idaho Springs, Colorado. Here you will experience another AVA’s of magnificent outposts, 021 (2)where you can partake in our Cliffside Zip Course. Again, the course is built into the natural features of the mountain; sending you soaring off the sides of cliffs with stunning panoramic views.

Once you and your road trip crew get to the bottom of this epic course, head to the gift shop to pick out some hilarious action photos of your tour. Photos tell 1000 words, especially photos of your friends and family screaming their lungs out as they take their first of 6 awesome zips in Idaho Springs.

After 3 days of your road trip adventure, your group is sure to be exhausted. Finish out your day with a bit of luxury, by checking into a hotel close by, in either Idaho Springs or Denver.


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