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Planning around I70 Traffic

Whether you are headed east bound or west bound on I-70, there always seems to be some random hold up that makes the mainly two-lane highway backed-up. Luckily for you, AVA has multiple rafting and ziplining Happy Hour Specials planned around the heavy traffic times on I-70.

During the summer months, one of the busiest periods on the highway is Sunday afternoon headed east bound. The temperature in Denver on the weekends can lead to a large exodus to the mountains and everyone returns on Sunday in order to get back for the upcoming work week. This can lead to a very long journey back to the city. One great way to avoid the traffic or to take a break from the two hour car ride back to Denver is to partake in a zipline or rafting trip to pass the time. Our outpost in Idaho Springs sits 400 yards from the highway and is easy to access during a traffic jam




Besides Sundays, we have specials Monday-Thursday for early morning adventure seekers and the late risers.. Furthermore, the trips we run during these times are marked down 20% so why not get some adventure from the boring road. AVA rafting and mountaintop zipline is here to get you out of the traffic and onto the adventure of a lifetime!






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