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The Top 5 Scenic Ziplines in Colorado

Colorado Zipline Dual Race Zip

When visiting Colorado in the spring, summer, and fall offers almost unlimited things to do outside. There is hiking, camping, rafting, climbing, biking and much more, but ziplining is a very popular activity here in Colorado and these are the top 5 scenic ziplines in Colorado.

Mountaintop Zipline

Location: Buena Vista, Colorado

1. Mountaintop Zipline is one of the most beautiful ziplines in the state as it overlooks the Arkansas River Valley. Another cool thing about this zipline is that the platforms are built into the side of the mountain, so you are not going from platform to platform but rather across the cliff.

Buena Vista Zipline

The adventure lasts about 2.5 hours giving you plenty of time to explore other outdoor activities or just hang out around town. The course has 6 zip lines starting about 700 feet above the ground. From the top of the course you can see many snow-capped mountains that make up the Continental divide. On 5 of the lines there are many different optional obstacles like a 60-foot free fall jump, a surf zip, tight ropes, race zips and more. One of the most scenic ziplines in the state.

Royal Gorge Zipline

Location: Canon City, Colorado

2. One of the longest and highest off the ground zipline in Colorado is in Canon City. They have one give long zipline that takes you from one side of the canyon rim to the other. You will be suspended about 1.200 feet above the Arkansas River right over the Royal Gorge Canyon. It is a hands free and effortless zipline for all people. So put your hands up and enjoy the amazing canyon view!

Lost Canyon Zipline

Location: Salida, Colorado

3. Lost Canyon Zipline in Salida Colorado is an exciting zipline course because it is much more than just ziplining. At Captains Zipline they pride themselves in having the larges Ariel course in Colorado. Not to mention that you in a beautiful canyon floor with plenty of amazing views. A lot of the obstacles are suspended close to 200 feet off the ground that will get anyone’s blood pumping.

Frontier Zipline

Location: Manitou Springs, Colorado

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4. The Zipline in Manitou Springs at the Cave of the Winds near Colorado Springs. They have one of the most unique and scenic zip lines in Colorado. The zipline is only one line long but you get a great hands free ride in a 2 seat chair that will pull you back up the line once you reach the other side of beautiful Williams Canyon. If you are looking for a little more of a thrill they have a big 2 person swing that will drop you and your friend down a 200 foot at nearly 100 MPH. Both very cool ziplines that will give you some amazing views over the canyon with a calm ride and a thrill ride.

Top of the Rockies Zipline

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Location: Leadville, Colorado

5. Top of the Rockies ziplining is a great all year round zipline course, which is very unique if you want to see Colorado from a high alpine mountain covered in snow. This zipline is the only one in the state that also goes over a train in the backcountry of Leadville Colorado. You will be ziplining at 11,000 ft above sea level. The zipline gives you a great view of Mt Elbert and Mt. Massive, which are one of the tallest mountains in the lower 48.

Colorado Via Ferrata

There are plenty of ziplines in the state of Colorado because it is a great activity to take in the scenery and that cool mountain air. No matter where you are in Colorado there is likely a zipline course not far from you. If you are in Denver, you can get to an amazing cliffside zipline just 30 minutes west of the city.


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