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Top 5 Zipline Destinations Worldwide

Colorado Zipline

There is nothing quite like the rush of endorphins and free feeling that comes from ziplining. Soaring through trees, over cliffs, amazing panoramic views; ziplining is an experience of a life time everyone should have the chance to enjoy. We love ziplining so much we have even narrowed down our top 5 zipline destinations worldwide!


Puerto Rico – The Beast – Locally known as La Bestia, this zipline is the highest in the world, along with being the longest and fastest in the Western Hemisphere.  Get ready to be launched “superman style” off the platform for a breath taking trip down this incredible course through the rain forest.

Pokhara, Nepal – High Ground Adventures – At 6,000 feet in length, and dropping almost 2,000 feet in height; having an amazing location is not all that this zipline has to offer. With an average speed of 85 miles per hour High Ground Adventure’s Zipline is an unforgettable way to see the amazing landscape of Nepal.
downloadGreat Wall of China – Simatai Zip Line – Glide over sparkling blue waters while experiencing amazing panoramic views of The Great Wall when you experience the Simatai zipline. This is such a unique and creative way to spice up your visit to one of the 7 wonders of the world that we couldn’t not put it on our list!
Stirling, Scotland – Go Ape– Soar over a 90 foot water fall while zipping an incredible 150 feet above the stunning Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Aberfoyle.  Go Ape runs both of the 2 longest ziplines in Britain.
Sun City, South Africa – Zip 2000 – The second fastest, tallest, and steepest zipline on the globe! With average speeds of 75 miles per hour and a length of well over a mile this South African zipline is one of a kind.

So, if you’re looking to expand on your zipline experience, we HIGHLY recommend any one of these awesome zip destinations.



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