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What Guided Outdoor Colorado Adventures Can You Do in March?

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Wishing these winter months were a bit more exciting? Want to heat things back up here in Colorado? We’ve got some thrilling outdoor aerial adventures to power you through March and into the warmer months!

Beginning Friday, March 31st, our Idaho Springs outpost is open for aerial adventures! Hop aboard our scenic cliffside zipline course or traverse across our famous Mount Evans Via Ferrata. Looking for something relaxing to round out your day? Check out Idaho Spring’s historic downtown and stop for a bite to eat!


Cliffside Zipline

Located just 30 mins from Denver, visitors can find our Idaho Springs outpost! Here, we offer an action packed 6 line zipline course, with exciting features along the way. First, start off at home base, meet with your guides, and get geared up!

family ziplining trip

Hop aboard our safari truck and take a drive through historic downtown, Idaho Springs. Then, hold on—you will arrive at our 4×4 section to our hilltop zipline course. Start off at the top of line 1, and ride down to line 2, where our quick jump lies!

Deep in the woods, there is a bridge with a 50ft jump–take a step off if you dare! Next, notorious line 3 awaits, and then off to the races!  Grab a partner and race down line 5!  Finally, cruise down line 6 and end up back at home base.

With so many unique features and runs, this zipline course will not get boring! Need more incentive to try a zipline adventure? Check out our top reasons to go ziplining in spring!

Mount Evans Via Ferrata

A zipline adventure not extreme enough? Looking for something a little more hardcore? Take a walk (or climb) on our Mount Evans Via Ferrata, with Via Ferrata, meaning “Iron Path” in Italian. These iron bars and walkways built into the cliff face can be traced back to the Austrian Alps in the early 1900’s.

man on Via Ferrata, cliffside

They then gained popularity during World War One, as troops used Via Ferrata’s to ascend mountains previously inaccessible, and the higher position afforded Troops an increased advantage. Sound interesting? Read more about Colorado’s Via Ferrata’s here, as well as five things you probably didn’t know about a Colorado Via Ferrata!

These days, Via Ferratas are used more for recreation and fun than for military purposes. Our Mount Evans Via Ferrata crosses four different mountainsides. Head on to the quick jump and take a step, and then proceed to our long suspension bridge of no return. After, rappel down our 80 foot cliffside, cross a tightrope, walk the wobbly log bridge, and fly over historic Chicago Creek to home base.

Outdoor Adventure in Idaho Springs

After your adventure, take a walk to visit the Bridal Veil Falls in Idaho Springs, otherwise known as Charlie Taylor’s water wheel trail.  Located behind downtown and Clear Creek, this quarter mile trail round-trip is an easy walk. It provides views of the falls and the water wheel originally owned and used by Charlie Taylor to power mining equipment.

lush waterfall

The town’s mining history can be traced to the 1860s when George Andrew Jackson found himself at the areas of the Clear and Chicago Creeks: the present location of Idaho Springs. Jackson followed the heat from the hot springs and the mountain goats grazing in the area, discovering an area rich in gold. He began to pan and discovered nine dollars among the sand! This discovery led to the local mining boom emergence of local mining and gold panning in the Idaho Springs area.

grazing mountain goat

To refuel and relax after your long day, stop by Tommy Knockers for a bite to eat try their vast menu of craft beer and sodas—all made in house. Their menu boasts a wide range of dinners, appetizers and treats from sandwiches to salads, mac and cheese, and giant pretzels!

craft beer on tap

Outdoor adventures in March await here at AVA Idaho Springs, starting as early as Friday, March 31st.  Check out all our March outdoor adventures and ride on our zipline course or test your wits on our Via Ferrata adventure!

And don’t forget to come back and visit us in Idaho Springs and Buena Vista beginning May 12th for a whitewater rafting trip or another aerial adventure with our zipline and granite Via Ferrata over the Arkansas River! This season has seen the best snowpack in years, and we cannot wait to get out on the water and in the air!

Written by Jorden Darr, Aerial and Sales Team Member

Jorden enjoys desert sunsets, climbing, rafting, and just being outside!

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist


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