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Our Zipline Course Reopens in March! Best Outdoor Activities Near Denver this Spring

Via Ferrata Tour Near Denver

Spring break and warmer weather are just around the corner!  Make your plans to get outside and enjoy it with these five activities you must try just moments away from Denver, Colorado.

Zip Lining in the Mountains

Because who wouldn’t want to soar among the treetops and catch incredible views of the Colorado Rockies?  AVA’s Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs is a fantastic adventure for those 6 years and older.  This 6-line course will have you and your friends flying among the treetops and even taking each other on on the Dual Race zip line.  Step up the game on the Mount Evans Via Ferrata which will add some variety to your aerial activity by combining traversing the cliffside among iron rungs, free falling off a 50 foot jump, rappeling down a rock face, and much more.

Hiking Maxwell Falls Near Evergreen, Colorado

Maxwell Falls is a family-friendly trail that stays nice and cool throughout spring with snow still on the ground.  The trail is relatively easy to manage – you can just go straight throughout the entire thing for a 4.3-mile walk or picnic at a cute crevice off Cliff Loop Trail.  You could also walk alongside the creek and find the little waterfalls along the way.  Evergreen has pretty moderate weather throughout the winter due to it’s elevation and proximity to Denver.  Be sure to pack your snowshoes, but you may get lucky and find some dry trail here.

Hiking Near Denver Colorado

Tour the Historic Argo Mill and Tunnel in Idaho Springs

There is plenty to do in the small history town of Idaho Springs.  Visit Beau Jo’s for pizza for lunch and then head over to the Argo Mill to take a walk through history.  This specific gold mill is the known to be one of the largest and well-preserved mills in the world.  At the end of your tour, a guide will teach you how to sift for gold flakes!  This is located in the same area as AVA’s aerial adventures, so make a day of it by booking both and spend some time in the foothills.

Visit the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs

The ProRodeo Hall of Fame opens in May and is very family friendly.  Kids under 5 are free and there are discounted rates for large groups.  Treat yourself to an actual rodeo or visit Founders Hall or the Hall of Champions to view and read about the history of famous cowboys and cowgirls.  Heritage Hall is home to a wide display of clothing, tools, and artifacts since the start of the rodeos. If you’re looking to spend more time outside then head over to Sculpture Garden.

Colorado Rodeo

A&A Historical Trails in Central City

Why walk around when you can ride a horse?  Take a guided tour through Central City which is most well-known for being a mining town. You can book a tour as short as a 1-hour trip all the way up to 2 hours through a cemetery, gold mine, and past the casinos.  A&A has a variety of trips to choose from which are the full-moon rides, graveyard rides, or you can personalize it online.

Still not positive what suits you for your spring adventure?  Call Colorado Zipline today and we’ll help get you set up for a day to remember.  Our aerial courses will be back open March 5th!