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4 Ways to Best Prepare For Your Aerial Adventure

Colorado Zipline Tour

So you’re coming ziplining and you’re not quite sure what to expect? Well read here for the 4 ways to best prepare for your aerial adventure with AVA!

IMG_0222Dress comfy. Even though you are soaring across the sky high above trees, you will want to be comfy. We recommend wearing athletic wear when zipping and of course closed toe shoes.

Know what you are bringing and leaving. Figure out what you are going to bring with you while ziplining. Do you really want to bring your phone when you are flying 60ft high? What about your sunglasses? Do you have straps so they do not fly off? Ziplining requires the use of both hands so you will not have a chance to grab your phone while it is falling out of your pocket, or grab those sunglasses when they come flying off. Those things are better left in your car.

IMG_0092Grab something to eat before ziplining. Our zipline tours can take anywhere from 2.5 hours to 3 hours and the only way to get down is to finish the course. With all that adrenaline pumping over the course, one can work up quite the appetite. To best prevent the hunger from settling in at 50+ feet off the ground, grab a bite to eat before zipping.

Practice your smile! Soaring over the trees, through the trees, and down the cliffside, you will be hard pressed not to smile! With professional photographers situated throughout the course you will want to make sure you are ready to smile!

Whether you are wondering what to bring or how to dress, these 4 ways will be sure to best prepare you for your aerial adventure!


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