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5 Reasons to Visit Colorado Zipline in Idaho Springs

Colorado Zipline

By: Cody Metras

Colorful Colorado has a vast plethora of activities to participate in at any time of the year. In the winter enjoy some of the best ski resorts in the world, and in the summer the number activities only increase.

From rafting some of the most iconic whitewater in North America, to mountain biking cross-state trails, to hiking some of the most stunning Valleys in the US, you are sure to stay busy on your next trip to Colorado. 

One activity you cannot miss this upcoming season is zip lining in the historic town of Idaho Springs. Today we will explore the main reasons that you MUST visit this iconic location and experience this unforgettable activity.

1.) The Views 

Colorado Via Ferrata

Idaho Springs is home to some unique and stunning landscape. The sharp cliffsides of the mountains are rugged and unforgiving.

This zipline offers you an authentic experience with no man made platforms to get in the way of the breathtaking views.

Zipline in Colorado

The cliffside zipline course is set on these steep cliff edges, built into the landscape around you. This puts you on a panoramic pinnacle for some of the best views in the state.  

2.) The Rush 

Zip lining is one of the most thrilling experiences that you may encounter in your lifetime.

Nothing makes your heart skip a beat like stepping off a 60-foot cliff ledge and being sped into the next platform ahead. The deep Valleys and trees below become a blur as you speed through the incredible landscape.

Not only will you experience the amazing zip lines, but you end the activity on the famous free-fall jump.

Colorado Via Ferrata Step By Step

This 50-foot freefall is sure to make your adrenaline peak – walking the plank into the deep valley below.  

3.) Family/Friend Bonding 

One of the coolest and most rewarding aspects that activities such as zip-lines can offer you is a great bonding experience with your group.

Zipline with Kids Colorado

The adrenaline-based and group-oriented experience forces you to bond with all participants. You will be working together, watching each other fly through the sky, and find out who the true adrenaline junkies really are.

If you are looking for a team-building experience or are just looking to get a little closer with your family, zip lines are a great option.  

4.) The historic value of Idaho Springs 

Not only will your trip to Idaho Springs for the cliffside zipline be a great activity, but the local town has a lot to offer as well.

Idaho Springs is one of the first historic mining towns in Colorado, giving it a deep and long history compared to some towns in the area. You can learn more about it at the historic museum in Idaho Springs. Not only is there rich history, but there are many restaurants, shops, and even breweries to check out.  

5.) Hiking/Natural Wonders of the Area 

Not only does Idaho Springs have an awesome little town, but there are also some great natural places to explore as well.

Check out St. Mary’s glacier for a short but beautiful hike.

You could also drive up to the famous Mount Evans – one of the tallest peaks of the state. There are many other outdoor activities and trails to participate in around this area as well.

Overall, a zipline adventure in Idaho Springs is something that you must try this upcoming spring or summer. The amazing views, adrenaline filled experience, and great group bonding are all reasons to get your group out to this location. Also, the historic town and the amazing hiking and natural wonders in the area contribute to reasons that you need to check out these ziplines.