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What to Ask When Booking Ziplining

Colorado Zipline Guide

021 (2)Ziplining is a great activity for everyone aged 7 and older to enjoy, either while on vacation or a out for a day trip. Adrenaline, beautiful views and quality time with family and friends are all the makings for a fun day! Ziplining is a great way to have fun, but not spend your whole day doing so. Ziplining takes only a couple of hours out of your day, but those few hours are sure to be adventurous and thrilling! In order to provide you with the perfect family, group or even individual or couples trip, here’s what to ask when booking ziplining:

Does My Group Meet the Age and Weight Requirements?

It is very important to make sure that everyone in your group meets the age and weight requirements for ziplining, as your safety is our top priority. At our Granite Outpost we require participants to be 10 years old and weigh between 75-250 lbs. Our Idaho Springs Outpost is a bit of a different course, so here you must be at least 7 years old and weigh between 50-250 lbs. These restrictions are in place not only for the safety of our guests, but also our guides, who will be ensuring the safest and memorable experience.

How Many Lines are There and is it a Man-Made or a Natural Course?

Choosing the most appropriate zipline course for you, your love or group depends on a number of different factors besides our requirements. One of those such factors includes your preference for the number of ziplines. Granite has 7 ziplines and Idaho Springs, 6, that will wisp you all the way back down to our outpost. We wanted to both preserve the natural beauty of the mountains and be able to provide our guests with a most memorable experience. We’ve balanced these desires by building our course into the natural topography of our mountains, as well as including many natural features, such as trees and rock outcroppings, to give you a feeling of soaring through the Colorado wilderness and not a concrete jungle.

Is There Only Ziplining or are There Other Features To The Course?DSC_2197

It’s a great year to go ziplining because AVA has added several new features to our zipline course in Idaho Springs. One of these features is a dual zip line, so you can race your friends and family and then brag about winning! We’ve also included a free-fall portion, so you can feel what it’s like to fall, while still being safe. Our free-fall will gently lower you to the ground after free falling some 30 feet, so rest assured you will not be crashing into the ground! Once you tackle the free-fall, you’ll be facing our pivot-log bridge cross; a most challenging element. This course also includes a surf zipline, which, will give you the feeling of surfing, but on waves of air instead of water.

What is the Zipline Cancellation and Refund Policy?

We offer the best refund and cancellation policy in Colorado that you will hopefully never need, but it’s there if you do. Should you need to cancel your trip, you may do so until 7 pm the night before, and still will receive a 92% refund.! If your plans change after 7 pm and you need to reschedule your trip, we will work with you to find a better day, free of charge.

50off_raft_no_clickAre There Any Ziplining Discounts?

When booking a zipline and rafting package at our Granite Outpost by May 30th, we are offering a 50% Early Bird discount on the rafting portion of this trip. In addition to our Early Bird Discounts, we also offer a 10% discount for parties of 10 or larger.

There are many great reasons to go ziplining this summer, so hurry and book your getaway while we still have availability! We will definitely show you what an amazing Colorado summer is all about!


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