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Best Coffee in Idaho Springs

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The town of Idaho Springs is located right along Interstate 70 in Clear Creek County. This small town has a lot of history. Local legend is that a Native American Chief and his tribe would travel to this location from Idaho each year to bathe in the magical healing waters of the hot springs. Idaho Springs was founded in 1859 by prospectors during the gold rush and the town was at the center of the regions mining district throughout the late nineteenth century.

If you’re in the area, Idaho Springs is definitely a cool town to stop in for a visit, and while you are there, grab a cup of joe from some of the best stops for coffee in the area.

frothy cup_idaho springs_yelpThe Frothy Cup, located in the historic Zeller building that was built in 1885, has some of the best coffee in the area, if not the state. The building was purchased in December of 2014 and renamed The Frothy Cup. This place specializes in great coffee and espresso, smoothies, and baked goods made mostly with organic and non-GMO ingredients. Be sure to give one of their pies a try with your coffee as well!

Another great spot for coffee is Two Brothers Delicatessen. This spot has a few more food options and is the perfect stop for warm drinks on a cold winter day or to grab a quick bite on your way up to the mountains. There are plenty of seating options on the inside as well as a more quiet area for those looking to study, read, or just wanting to have a quieter lunch. With the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere you won’t be disappointed if you stop here.

miner decadence_facebookThe last spot for great coffee in Idaho Springs is Miner Decadence Chocolate. This small shop does not seem like anything special at first glance, but you will be pleasantly surprised. They have very good espresso drinks and specialize in making chocolate and gelato. Everything is made in house and is DELICIOUS. After a long hike this is a great spot to cool down and have some ice cream!

Now that your mouth is watering be sure to stop in at one of these great locations in Idaho Springs. While you’re there be sure to check us out for a zipline adventure!


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