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Fear of Heights? Here’s Why You Should Try Ziplining

Cliffside Zipline in Colorado

IMG_0041-450Acrophobia is a fear that plagues many of our hearts. Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, blurry vision and nauseousness are just some of the side effects associated with this phobia. If you are unfortunate enough to have even a slight case of acrophobia, altophobia or batophobia, then you’ve definitely experienced, at least, a couple of these unpleasant symptoms. On the other hand, if you are a daredevil and have not an inkling of this fear, then we’ll all gladly let you take the lead. However, for those with a fear of heights, here’s why you should try ziplining.


Safely & Securely Confront Your FearDSCN1112-400

Ziplining is quickly taking the U.S. by storm, and for good reason. Courses have been popping up in various states and environmental surroundings, even including private residences that have a zipline setup in the backyard! These latter installations don’t necessarily have to adhere to all of the regulations and restrictions the industry puts in place, but for commercial ziplines, such as our Cliffside Zipline Course, it is not only required, but also desired. These regulations are in place to ensure the complete safety, security and peace of mind of our zipline participants, which, will hopefully include you! Maintenance and upkeep of our course, as well as, daily, weekly and annual inspection of all equipment and installations, work together to keep the course in tip-top shape and full mechanical working order.

IMG_0122-450Next to Zero Margin for Error

You, 1 sit style harness, 1 “y” lanyard, 2 steel double locking carabiners, 1 aluminum triple locking biner, 1  dual wheel pulley, 1 pair of sturdy leather gloves and 2 certified zipline guides all come together to create the perfectly secure ziplining package. Of course, you need the actual zipline, and these (we use two per zipline) are strong enough to stop a jet on an aircraft carrier! Constructed of galvanized steel with a 7×19 build that has a 14,400 lb breaking strength that includes brakes on each line to bring you to a halt, you may notice the redundancy and excess that aren’t 100% necessary, but do bring a considerable peace to the mind.

The actual act of ziplining is where all of the fun begins! So, after learning about high level of regulation involved with ziplining and the high level of safety we reserve for our guests, let’s all assume we’ll be seeing you out on our highly rated and most visited zipline course in the state! Give us a call at 1-877-RAF-TING (1-877-723-8464) and any of our friendly sales agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have and even book your trip for you!


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