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How to Dress for Colorado Weather on Your Zipline Trip

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do!” – Mark Twain

I remember my first-time soaring across ziplines and through the trees as a child at my summer camp in upstate New York. Growing up in the south, where summer temperatures routinely reached over 100 degrees a day, the cooler days and wind against my skin was a pleasant change of pace from what I was used to.

Surrounded by the evergreens in the Adirondack Mountains, the camp and its ziplines became a memorable experience. Through these weeks at camp, I got to enjoy hiking, swimming, rock climbing and archery, but I was continually the most excited about Ziplining. The opportunity to soar above the treetops was irresistible!

Colorado Zipline

Are you visiting Colorado and looking for an adventure that will create long lasting memories? The wind in your hair, astounding Rocky Mountain views, and the rush of flying through the trees are moments you will never forget from your Ziplining adventure! Summer in the Colorado Mountains is probably my favorite season here. With temperate days, few bugs, and gorgeous views from every angle, adventure really is just around the corner.

Woman looking out onto Rocky Mountains

Now that you’re ready to jump into the excitement of Ziplining, how do you prepare for your trip? We’re here to help you out with some tips for what to wear so you can remain comfortable, and have the most fun possible on your ziplining trip!


Proper footwear for ziplining is probably the most important aspect of your attire. Please wear closed toed shoes that stay securely on your feet to maximize your stability and minimize any tripping or falling. Sandals or Chacos would not be appropriate, as they could come lose and fall while you are ziplining. An old pair of sneakers or tennis shoes is perfect.

People hiking in trail shoes


Compared to most states, a Colorado summer can be cooler than most are used to, and being prepared for the weather will help guarantee a great time. For ziplining, it’s important to wear long pants or shorts past your knee will keep you protected from any uncomfortable rubbing from the harness. In addition to a comfortable shirt, please bring a light jacket, as it is common for storms in the mountains to creep up during the day. Please also leave any scarves or long pieces of jewelry at home, as they can interview with the zipline harness and cables.

Hiker wearing jacket and backpack


Since we are flying at a higher altitude, the sun exposure will be stronger, so sunglasses sunscreen are great additions to have. If you have strings or a band attached to your sunglasses even better! A small lightweight backpack would also be a good idea. Here, you can keep your extra jacket, a water bottle, and any snacks. If you have long hair, we additionally recommend that you tie it back to keep it from getting caught in the harness.

Family ready for ziplining adventure

Excited for your Ziplining adventure? Come join us at AVA Rafting and Ziplining on one of our two Zipline courses! With exciting our Cliffside Zipline course in Idaho Springs and our Mountaintop Zipline in Buena Vista, you can soar the skies across six lines, no matter where you are in Colorado. Looking to punch up the excitement level even more? Try our Via Ferrata courses which add cliffside climbing to your adventure and include three lines of our zip course!

man posing while ziplining

Get ready to join us for a wonderful Colorado adventure. Now that you know exactly how to dress and what to wear, we can’t wait for you to experience Colorado’s best treetop thrills!

Written by Jesse Cruz, COZ Sales Agent

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist 


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