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Instagrams to Follow if you Love the Great Outdoors

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Instagram has become an amazing way to connect with people, view their adventures and life events, and keep up with your favorite celebrities. It has also become a great way for adventurers and photographers to share their trade with people around the world. We are sharing our favorite Instagrams for those who love the great outdoors. Beware: following these Instagram feeds may cause serious side effects of wanderlust.

GoPro (@gopro)
Everyday, GoPro shares photos from its users around the world, giving you an opportunity to all tour corners of the world on a daily basis. Take in scenes from surfers, musicians, travelers and artists alike as they share their passion and trade with the world.

National Geographic (@natgeo)
The artistry of one of the world’s best magazines comes to life in this Instagram account. National Geographic shares incredible photos of everything from people, landscapes, animals, cultures, traditions, events, lifestyles and more. The unique perspective of their shots will leave you with an itch to travel and experience life in a new way.

Alison Teal (@alisonsadventures)
A self-proclaimed “female Indiana Jones” who lives up to the name, Alison Teal is a previous contestant and survivor of the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. Her desire for adventure does not seem to have slowed down following her adventure. That comes as no surprise, really, as her father is world-renowned adventure photographer David Blehert and her mother is a naturalist and internationally acclaimed yoga devotee and teacher.

Jimmy Chin (@jimmy_chin)
Jimmy Chin is an incredibly talented photographer whose photographs have covered National Geographic, Outside Magazine and more. He is also a skilled climber, mountaineer, skier, director and athlete sponsored by The North Face. His shots will do nothing if not leave you in a state of awe with a desire to push your limits.

Rachel Moore (@moore_rachel)
Calling Rachel Moore a jack-of-all-trades is a gross understatement. Not only is she a climber, divemaster, traveler, and adventurer with serious skill behind the camera, she is also a very talented model for well-known brands such as Guess, Bebe and Urban Outfitters, among others.

HelloAmerica (@helloamerica_)
HelloAmerica is a team effort Instagram feed that shares the daily ins and outs of life off the grid. This feed will make you want to drop everything, pack a van, and leave behind your worries and cares. The beauty of these shots will stun you and take your breath away.


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