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March in Idaho Springs: How to Prepare For Your Spring Zip Trip

Ziplining in Buena Vista Colorado

Itching to have some fun in the sun? Then Spring Zip Lining is just for you! One of the most exhilarating cliffside zip line courses opens up on March 19th in Idaho Springs. Colorado Zipline’s Cliffside Zip line course sits at 7,500 feet located in the Colorado Rockies. It has 6 different zip lines, a new 50 foot free fall, a zip line designed to simulate surfing befittingly named the “surf zip”, a dual race zip line, the jungle bridge and the bridge of doom. Nothing sounds better than that! Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for spring time zip lining!

_DSC9407What to Wear
With it being that time of year, where the snow is beginning to melt and days are gradually getting warmer, why not take a day off from riding and go zipline! After spending a whole season bundled up in snow pants and ski jackets, it is finally time to de-layer and enjoy the warmer weather. Getting prepared for what to wear while zip lining during the spring is crucial; wear proper closed toed shoes, sunglasses, a light jacket, tight fitted clothing and a hat. A good idea is to bring layers because weather can change throughout the day.

When to go
If you are interested in getting out on the zip line course but can’t decide when the best time to go is, then here are some suggestions! Starting March 19th, Colorado Zipline offers a cliffside zipline & aerial tour on Saturday and Sundays for the month of March. From April 1st-17th, zipline trips are running Friday-Sunday, from April 22nd-April 29th tours run Wednesday-Sunday and then after that Colorado Zipline is open 7 days a week. Another NEW addition is our Starlight Zipline Adventure. So come check it out!

What to Expect
If you are interested in knowing exactly what your zip line experience IMG_0224-1200is going to be like, then there are some options for you! Visit our website and check out the different zip line courses we offer. There is a detailed description of each trip we offer and videos are provided as well. So check it out and get excited about your Spring Zip Line experience!

Now that you are well aware on how to prepare for Spring Zip Lining, the next step is to give Colorado Zipline a call at (877) 723-8464 and get it booked! Do not forget to check out the town of Idaho Springs after experiencing one exhilarating cliffside zip trip! There’s tons of amazing things to check out in the heart of downtown Idaho Springs, from great restaurants and breweries. Make a day of it and come have some fun this spring!


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