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How to Prepare for Your Starlight Zipline Tour in Idaho Springs, Colorado this October

Starlight Zipline Adventure

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to see the fall. October in Colorado is a magical time of year. The changing colors and temperatures make it a wonderful time to get some last minute outdoor activities in before you have to bundle up and put on some skis. One of the best activities this time of year is especially great for ziplining.

Out of our Idaho Springs, Colorado location, we will be running its famous Cliffside Zipline Tour all through October. One of the best ways to experience this trip is with our Starlight Zipline tour. For this trip you get an amazing and unique view as you fly through the forest, starting right as the sun is going down behind the mountains. To start this tour, we will drive you up to the top of a cliffside. To make your way back to the outpost you will have to go through a series of 6 ziplines and exciting aerial elements, some of which are unique to this course like the race zip and the surf zip. This trip is a necessary addition to your to-do list, and here are some tips to properly prepare for your starlight zip.

Dress for the Weather

The weather in October can vary widely in the state of Colorado, especially in the mountains. But once the sun goes down you can expect it to get chilly. A lightweight, but warm jacket is recommended. Be sure to check what temperatures to expect and dress accordingly.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Bringing snacks and water is also a good idea. You never know when hunger or thirst may strike, and once you start the trip it will be a while before you would come across any food or beverages. Don’t make the rookie mistake of getting caught on the cliffside without any snacks or water!

Spice it Up

There are some other things that you can bring that are not necessary. Glowsticks are always fun. It does get darker as you make your way through the course. Without any lights, your friends can disappear as they fly down one of the lines. Have your group tie a glowstick to themselves so everyone can watch each other as the make their way through the course.

Who is Your Adventure Crew?

The final thing to bring in preparation of your Starlight Zipline trip is your friends or family! This is a very cool experience and is best enjoyed with people you know and enjoy. These memories will last a lifetime, so bring people who are special to you for the best experience possible.

There is only one thing that should be on top of your October bucket list, and that is the Colorado Zipline Starlight Zipline tour! So grab your friends or family and head to Idaho Springs to get on the zipline before winter rolls in.