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Top Three Reasons to Visit Idaho Springs

Cliffside Zipline Colorado

Idaho-Springs-Train-Station-EastVisiting Idaho Springs is a trip back to the “good ole days”. With old fashion saloons and historic buildings, you’ll think you’re back in the wild, wild west! Gold was the lifeblood of the area and still remains in the aura of Idaho Springs. The gold rush began in 1859 and has never truly left Idaho Springs. So, strap on your boots, get out your camera and get ready to enjoy just a few things of what this unique mountain town has to offer.

Take to the Air

Whether it’s a land or an air adventure you fancy, Idaho Springs has them both. Hit up AVA zipline adventures or 877-Rafting to book your “adventure in the sky”. This is not your ordinary platform to platform zip line; this gnarly zip line takes you cliff side and over, under, and in between many obstacles. You can race your buddy on the race zip, surf some waves on the “surf” zip, or challenge yourself physically and mentally as you take the plunge on the 50 foot free fall! Get excited to take on the sky on your visit to Idaho Springs.

Take to the Water

Clear Creek RaftingThe adrenaline is not over yet as you now tame the land and the mighty Clear Creek. This wonderful river is full of thrills and spills. Head over to Colorado Rafting and get your trip reserved, as you tour the historic town via the water this time! With rapids from a Class 1 float trip to pulse pounding Class 5 rapids, the sky is the limit as you enjoy the town from a different point of view.

Reward Yourself

Now that you have conquered the land and the air, it’s time for some R&R. First check out Beau Jo’s Pizza. This world famous pizzeria is a Idaho Springs landmark. It’s special “mountain” pies will test even the biggest appetite as you take on this local legend! You’ve conquered your fears on the water and in the sky, (and your stomach!) head to Indian Hot Springs to soak your soul away in these therapeutic healing waters. Located next to the river, these waters are true one-of-a-kind hot springs. With many different bathing options, make sure you heal those muscles and sit back and enjoy all the hot springs have to offer.

See ya in the wild, wild, west as you discover this hidden gem of a city and all it offers. Saddle up partner!


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