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Why You Should Zip If You’re Afraid of Heights

Cliffside Zipline Colorado

_DSC0199Do you cringe at the thought of climbing a ladder or hopping on a roller coaster ride with friends?  Are you not a fan of activities that don’t have your feet firmly connected to the ground?  If heights are not your thing and ziplining sounds like the most frightening thing ever but your family and friends can’t wait for another trip zooming through trees, then read along why you should conquer your fear and join us on an aerial adventure.

AVA zipline cables are the same ones used to stop F16 fighter jets when landing.  Strong and durable, our zip course is inspected every year.  Our zipline guides are extensively trained and our zipline management staff has been operating and working with ziplines for many years.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said “do one thing every day that scares you”.  Scary is not synonymous with dangerous and safety is always our number one priority!  That said, pushing your boundaries and overcoming fears affords you the space to grow, to harness creativity, and prepare you for new and unexpected changes.  Build your confidence and give yourself a treat with the exhilarating experience of ziplining!  When you visit us with family and friends your ziplining experience also fosters an incredible bonding experience as your loved ones cheer you on as you fly through the air.  What better topic to discuss over cold Tommy Knocker beers or Beau Jo’s Pizza than you conquering a zipline course and ultimately your fear of heights?

DSC_2211Our two zipline locations; the cliffside zipline in Idaho Springs and the mountaintop zipline in Granite.  Both zipline courses are built into the land with the cliffside zipline featuring a dual race zipline, the jungle bridge, and a 50 foot free fall while the mountaintop zipline features a swinging log bridge and a hanging log staircase!  If you love hiking, kayaking or anything related to the outdoors, imagine getting views of incredible Colorado scenery in a way you’ve never experienced before.  Who knows, we might just give you a new taste for adventure.  Give us a call at (855)-947-7464 to speak with one of our zipline experts!



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