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Zip with us in March!

Cliffside Zipline Course

Hopefully you are not over the snow just yet, but if you are just looking to switch it up then come join Colorado Zipline for an unforgettable aerial adventure! We are starting to run our zip line tours on March 3rd out of Idaho Springs. It is a great activity for friends and family to experience together. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should come ziplining with Colorado Zipline this March!

Opening Day

We open March 3rd, which is right around the corner! Before you know it, winter will be coming to an end and summer activities will be springing into action. Colorado Zipline is opening up the Idaho Springs course the first Friday of March. Make sure to call ahead of time to make your reservation because trips fill up fast!


All of our current discounts are listed under our Specials & Deals page on our website. Make sure to check that out so you can utilize all of the discounts we are offering at that time. We all love to save that cash money!

Switch it up

Are you coming out to Colorado for Spring Break and  looking to get a variety of activities into your vacation? Then ziplining is a great option! Even though we all love spending time on the slopes, ziplining will be an experience a group of friends and family can all share together.

IMG_0122Unique Course Features

The Cliffside Zipline Aerial Adventure is not like the other typical post to post courses. This is a very unique tour that offers 6 different zip lines with 5 extra elements such as a jungle bridge, surf zip, bridge of doom, dual race line and a 50-foot cliffside free fall!

Top-of-the-line Guides

That’s right, our guides go through extensive guide training school to become experts! At Colorado Zipline, we are happy to provide both a safe zip line trip as well as a memorable one!


Now that you are pretty much sold on why you should come ziplining with us this March, it is time to make your reservation! If you have any questions you have regarding our zipline course or about making a reservation, feel free to give us a call at 855-947-7464!


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