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5 Ways to Enjoy a Zipline Birthday Party

Idaho Springs Zipline Birthday Party Colorado

Your typical birthday party consists of great company and some good fun. With a Zipline Birthday Party, your entire group is going to embark on a thrilling adventure, and whoever is lucky enough to score an invite will get to enjoy this great experience. Colorado Zipline has 2 courses for you to enjoy at two great locations just about an hour from Breckenridge. Here are 5 ways to enjoy a zipline birthday party.

  1. Add Lunch at our Granite Outpost. Home to our Mountaintop Zipline tour, the Granite Outpost offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as potential add-ons to your adventure. Add on lunch for our sizzling chicken fajitas, cooked up and enjoyed right outside of the outpost. Could you even imagine lunch views so spectacular?
  2. Head out for Pizza at Beau Jo’s from our Idaho Springs Outpost. While we don’t offer food at our outpost in Idaho Springs, the historic mining town is the proud home to some incredible grub to be enjoyed post-Cliffside Zip! Colorado Style Pizza from Beau Jo’s, located on Miner Street, is not to be missed and is sure to please everyone, even those gluten free and dairy free folk! Sprinkle some honey on the crust for that authentic Beau Jo’s experience.
  3. Package with Rafting. Why stop at ziplining? Both of our ziplining tours can be packaged with a whitewater rafting tour!
  4. Buy Your Photos! Trust me, you’ll want to remember this experience forever! When you get back to the outpost after your tour, check out all your trip photos at the tvs. Pick your favorite or buy them all as a bundle!
  5. Share the experience with your Adventure Buddies! Everyone’s got ’em – those adrenaline-junkie, not-scared-of-anything pals who live for this type of adventure. Their excitement over a zipline birthday party will make the experience even greater!


It doesn’t really matter which course you decide on; if you are planning a birthday party with Colorado Zipline, then it is sure to be a success! If you have questions about booking a party, give our Trip Specialists a call at 877-947-7464.


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