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A Walkthrough of our Granite Via Ferrata

Colorado Via Ferrata

Come experience the newest and most exhilarating adventure in the Arkansas River Valley.  After the success of our Mount Evans Via Ferrata in Idaho Springs, we decided to build another at our Buena Vista outpost.  Constructed into the granite cliffside at the base of the breathtaking Collegiate Peaks, AVA’s Granite Via Ferrata takes mountaintop ziplining to a whole new level.  Gear up and come join us this summer!

Why the Via Ferrata?

You won’t be missing out on ziplining at all if you decide to partake in the Via Ferrata course because it includes four fast-flying lines.  On top of that, you’ll do some assisted climbing, scale the cliffside, cross a variety of jungle bridges, and rappel down a massive rock face.  This custom course was built into the topography of the mountainside, offering once-in-a-lifetime views and an extraordinary activity you’ll be talking about all summer.

How It’ll Go Down

You’ll be greeted with a smiling face once you arrive at our Buena Vista outpost, then your guide will introduce him or herself and give you the rundown of the day.  After you get geared up, you’ll hop into a van for a quick ride to the trailhead.  Make sure you have good hiking shoes on for the trek in as well as comfortability on the cliffside.

To get to the Via Ferrata course, you’ll soar along two ziplines first You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of all the gear on your harness and do a practice run before you take on the real thing.  You’ll start off by climbing some iron rungs and ladders, then traverse across more mountainside before climbing back down.  After that, every guest will walk themselves out to the end of a platform for our breathtaking 70-foot free fall.  After everyone makes their way back to solid ground, you’ll continue to indulge in a combination of traversing and crossing suspended bridges.  As you finish up your 3-hour adventure, you’ll ride along two more ziplines for the grand finale.

Book Today for a Great Deal

We are currently running a deal you can’t miss for this new excursion.  If you book your Via Ferrata adventure today, you can save $50/person using promo code HAKUNAFERRATA.

Overall, you can’t miss this thrilling opportunity for you and your friends to step up to a challenge.  If you’re wanting to learn more about what a Via Ferrata consists of, check out our previous blog post:

5 Reason Why You Should Try the Via Ferrata

Happy traversing!



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