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5 Reasons Why You Should Try the Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata

Looking for a fun activity to take advantage of summer weather? Hop on one of AVA’s two Via Ferrata courses and challenge yourself. A Via Ferrata is essentially a combination of hiking and rock climbing. Its not as technical as rock climbing where ropes and a belayer are necessary, but you do have to wear a harness and be attached to a steel cable that runs along the route due to extreme heights, steep climbs, and narrow paths. Here are 5 reason why you should try a Via Ferrata this summer!

1. It’s the Newest Adventure

While there have been many Via Ferratas in the Alps, Via Ferratas are relatively new in North America. Slowly more Via Ferratas are establishing routes in the US, with currently a little less than 50 Via Ferratas, few people have been able to take on this exciting adventure.  Be one of the first to try this new trend growing in popularity in the outdoor community.

Via Ferrata

2. It’s Challenging

You definitely won’t be bored on a Via Ferrata. With the cliffs and high elevation, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed! Usually taking a few hours to make it through a Via Ferrata you will have an action-packed day making your way through the route. Many Via Ferrata will have their own unique activities that will keep your heart rate high, like zip lines and free falls.

3. Great Views

Via Ferratas will give you a unique view to amazing alpine environments. While climbing on the side of a mountain you will get to see beautiful vistas that could not be seen from the ground. Most Via Ferratas will be above tree line, so you will see far above the wilderness below you and take in scenery that could not be seen any other way outside of riding in a helicopter.

4. Its Great for Most Skill Levels

While there are a few Via Ferratas that are quite intense and may requires some past climbing experience, most are safe and fun for the whole family. AVA’s routes take you among a series of high cliffs, therefore our age limits are put into place for safety of everyone.  Those on the course will be harnessed in at all times preventing any falls. While you will have to physically exert yourself, it is something almost anyone can do!

VIa Ferrata Tours

5. It’s a Lot of Fun

Via Ferratas will give you a new experience that will be fun for everyone. A parent duo and their teenagers will enjoy the adventure as much as a bachelor party of men in their late 20’s! It’s a unique way to spend a day that will give you great memories that will last a lifetime.

Come venture out on AVA’s Via Ferratas this year!  Our Mount Evans Via Ferrata is located just 30 minutes west of Denver, and our NEWEST adventure, the Granite Via Ferrata, opens in just a few weeks in Buena Vista.  Make a day of it and come on an adventure with AVA.


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