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What Is An Aerial Adventure?

Colorado Suspended Bridge Zipline Tour

An aerial adventure park is a place where a fun and exhilarating experience can be found for a wide variety of ages and abilities. You don’t have to have climbing abilities or any specific skill set to participate in an aerial adventure. This brings up the question, what is an aerial adventure? An aerial adventure consists of several high flying features, sure to leave anyone with a smile.


j racezipb The AVA Aerial Adventure Park, or zipline, in Idaho Springs, Colorado has all the elements necessary for the aerial adventure you are looking for. Located just 30 minutes from Denver and an hour from Summit County, sits our zipline course on 9 acres of private land. The course has many different features sure to thrill even the most intense adventure seekers..

k zip birthday shotbWhen you first check-in to your aerial adventure you will be given all necessary equipment (harness, pulley, helmet, and gloves) at no additional cost. You will then be given a 15-minute safety lesson with hands-on practice on a learning zip line. Preceding your lesson is a 5 minute hike alongside a cliff overlooking all of of Idaho Springs to platform number 1, where your adventure starts.

h surfzipcAll of the different platforms are built into the tree tops and cliff sides. The zipline in Idaho Springs features dual racing zip lines where you can race your friend from one platform to the other making for some friendly fun competition. There is a skateboard zip line where you are suspended in the air zipping across a line on a board pretending to be a pro skater performing an unreal stunt. You then get to work your way across the Jungle Bridge, onto the Bridge of Doom, which is one wiggly log bridge. However, the most exhilarating feature in  is the 50 foot cliffside free fall. Descriptions and videos do not do this beast justice. It is one of the course features that you have to try out for yourself if you have the nerves to experience free fall until the ropes catch you on your way to a smooth landing.

If you’re looking to seek a true aerial adventure come on out to Cliffside Zipline Tours in Idaho Springs. Don’t waste your time on a zipline where cars will be whizzing by you. Have an adventure with our zipline courses and get an experience of a lifetime!


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